Sfant Umbra began as a secret mercenary business within the depths of the Aht Urhgan Empire. With the rise and fall of business it slowly faded from memory. That is, until a descendant of the creator happened across some old parchments one day...
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 A National History of Windurst

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PostSubject: A National History of Windurst   Mon May 25, 2009 5:36 pm

Every nation in Vanadiel has a history on how it was founded and rose to power. They have national heroes and leaders of renowned and epic stories that bend the truth a little.

If you grew up in the Federation of Windurst you can seriously improve your RP by knowing a little of its history. Windurst was the first of the nations founded by the 5 races and its history is intricately tied in with magic.

Pre-Nation History

The seeds for this nation's beginning came about when the wandering Tarutaru Tribes found the area. Constantly in conflict these tribes lived separately and the nation might never have formed if not for one girl losing her way. Rimilala stumbled upon the Inner Horutoto Ruins being mysteriously granted knowledge beyond her years and bestowed with the gift of magic.


Rimilala, who was bestowed by the title of Star Sybil, then went and taught the peoples in the different tribes of magic and evidently gave each separate knowledge because of the conflicts it sparked. At first instead of uniting the various tribes, the knowledge of magic instigated a new wave of warring as each tried to gain control of the knowledge the others possessed.


The Federation of Windurst came into being at the beginning of the Age of Magic. Tukuku, the current Star Sybil (apparently the 3rd or 4th Star Sybil in history), intervened between the warring 5 tribes of Tarutaru forcing a truce to forge a government. These talks resulted in the formation of the Federation of Windurst. Each Tribe was given charge of a Ministry of Magic and all agreed to deferring to the leadership to the Star Sybil, whose prophetic visions could guide the new nation to greatness. She would serve them as both a national and spiritual leader.

Military Expansion and Conquest

Though at peace internally, Windurst began a period of conflict with the other races. Having heard of this new ability to use magic the other races sought to obtain this knowledge for themselves and when the Tarutaru refused to share it conflicts began. Those who emerged as their chief rival were the Elvaan Tribes that clashed with the Tarutaru over the Norvallen region.

Somewhere around this time the defectors from the Mithra tribes arrived also fascinated by magic, but developed a friendship with the Tarutaru. Having been banished from their society they used their skills as hunters to benefit their new friends and reside by them peacefully instead of attempting invasion. However, there is no indication that they lived in the walls of Windurst or were a part of their society at this time.

Also around this time a Tarutaru Beastmaster and Combat Caster named Lungo-Nango arose to become a great military leader. Following a victory in the Norvallen region he was elevated to Magistrate of the region, and with permission of the Parliament of Patriarchs, he battled the Elvaan Tribes in the area and with numerous victories were bestowed the station of Warlock Warlord. A brilliant tactician, he wrote down his theories into a tome. Lungo-Nango then waged a successful campaign subduing much of Quon. The victorious Warlord was called back to Windurst for a hero's celebration. He returned but once the celebration had finished he would be stripped of everything and fade away from history, dying in ignominy.

The Tarutaru's monopoly on magic and military campaigns was finally ended with the victory of an alliance between the Elvaan Tribes and the Quadav. With the Federation's defeat the knowledge of magic was divulged to the victors and Windurst isolated itself from the rest of the world including the Mithra.

Reforming of Culture During Isolation

While the rest of the world moved on without them the Tarutaru's culture seemed to shift from a conquest and militaristic point of view to one of seeking peace and pacifism. This peace didn't last though as a conflict with the Yagudo begin in a series of Seven Wars. During this time the Mithra joined the Tarutaru again and had a tenuous relationship but worked together. With the Yagudo triumph in the 7th Yagudo War, using the tensions that still existed between the Mithran Navy and the Tarutaru Military, it seemed that the tide turned to favor the Beastmen. That was until the Windurstian forces rallied and again pushed back against the Yagudo. It was around this time the current structure of the Mithran Mercenaries was formed and they officially joined the military of Windurst with all past squabbles put aside.

Crystal War

With the advent of the Crystal War the Yagudo under Tzee Xicu pledged loyalty to the Shadow Lord and once again fought against Windurst. At one point the Yagudo managed to cut the Tarutaru and Mithra off from Quon. Their former enemies the Elvaan came to their defense helping Warlock Warlord Robel-Akbel and the Cobra Unit Mithra Mercenaries defend Fort Karugo-Narugo. The Elvaan continued to help the Tarutaru until their base in Sauromugue Champaign, which was in Garliage Citadel, were destroyed and knights inside killed. Certain that the Federation would fall without the Elvaan as their allies the Second Siege of Windurst began.

During this siege Windurst nearly fell. The Windurstian forces were pushed back for a last stand at Windurst Walls, the rest of the city having been overrun by the enemy. When defeat seemed certain suddenly the forgotten Tarutaru Minister of the Optistery appeared. Karaha-Baruha, who had vanished years before while researching summoning magic, appeared with the mighty Terrestrial Avatar Fenrir. Using the beast's might he smited the Beastmen army sacrificing his own life force in the process.

Following this Windurst joined the other nations in the Allied Forces of Altana. Even with their combined might the Allied Forces still lost a few battles but the tide at last turned in the Battle of Jueno. With their triumph over the Siege of Jeuno, the Allied Forces began to retaliate against the Beastmen Confederate across all of Vana'diel.

At last the Allied Forces decided to strike the northern lands in one last ditch effort to end the conflict. In the Battle of Xarcabard, the main force of the Beastman Confederate was smashed under the combined military might of Altana's armies, and Castle Zvahl fell to the Allies ending the two long years of warfare.

Post War

After the war the Mithra helped rebuild the city and were even given a portion to of it to call their own. Many Mithra integrated into the regular commerce and goings on of the city becoming permanent residents in the city they helped rebuild.


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A National History of Windurst
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