Sfant Umbra began as a secret mercenary business within the depths of the Aht Urhgan Empire. With the rise and fall of business it slowly faded from memory. That is, until a descendant of the creator happened across some old parchments one day...
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 Sair Gammonari - Devoted Guardian of Windurst

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PostSubject: Sair Gammonari - Devoted Guardian of Windurst   Sun May 24, 2009 8:30 am

Screen Name: Sairan
Character Name: Sair (Sairan) Gammonari (S-air) (S-air-ran) (Ga-mon-ar-e)
Gender: Male
Race: Hume
Age: 28
Main Job: White Mage
Subjob: Summoner
Other Jobs: Scholar (Future), Red Mage, Dragoon, Black Mage
Birthplace: Bastok, poverty districts
Residence: Windurst
Family: Kukuru Moogle (Moogle Servant), Soryu Telis Wyvern (Pet Wyvern and Companion), Rowan (Ro-win) Gammonari (Father), Finala (Fe-na-la) Gammonari (Mother), Valris Odessa (Cousin)
Likes: Windurstian Tea, tranquility, light armors, friendly individuals.
Dislikes: Death, seeing others suffer, someone taking the life of another, dishonest individuals.

Motivation/Goals: Sair strongly believes in the teachings of Altana, and the truth that none have the right to take the life of another, even if it is a Beastmen's. Despite the appearance and distrust he has in them, he believes someday the Children of Altana and the Beastmen may live in peace. The biggest goals in Sair's life includes protecting anyone close to him, defending those who cannot protect themselves, and one day being as revered and loved as the great Karaha-Baruha of Windurstian legends.

Appearance: Sair has sandy blonde colored medium length hair parted in the center and off to the sides. Has gentle light blue eyes containing a wealth of knowledge despite his young age. He is rather taller than your average Hume, but about the tallest a Hume can get. Being a keepsake of his grandfather's, Sair is sometimes seen wearing a pair of antique spectacles designed for clothcraft.

Personality: Sair will never turn a blind-eye to those in need, often putting his own safety aside for the sake of others. While considered foolhardy in the eyes of many, he has a strong sense of justice being that one under no circumstances has the right to kill another even if that other were a Beastman. He could be considered a gentle and caring individual. Sair has a sharp eye for detail and spotting things seemingly out of place or wrong.

History: Sair's parents met in Mhaura. His father, a Hume named Rowan Gammonari had just gotten back from selling his merchandise in Windurst. Rowan was a travelling merchant on his way back to Bastok. Finala Rechu, Sair's Hume mother, had gotten off the ferry from Selbina. Rowan and Finala both decided to rest at the inn in Mhaura. Things almost seemed to click as they met. After introductions they had a few drinks of Rolanberry Wine and shared stories late into the night. Eventually, they started meeting each other. A few months later, they got together and were married.

Rowan and Finala moved into the lower areas of Bastok where they had a son. They named their child after Finala's great grandfather, Sairan Rechu, but Sair for short. Not long after, the war broke out. Rowan had a hard time importing goods between Bastok and Windurst, risking his life daily. Sair was eight when the war at last ended. Rowan and his family moved from Bastok finally to Windurst where he would enlist as a worker in helping rebuild the Federation's former glory. At first it was difficult getting used to the Tarutaru and Mithra but eventually Finala adjusted.

Little Sair began to grow a fond facination of the magical arts, often hanging around the Aurastery. He never really played with the other young children, often instead trying to practice the arts of white and black magic. Seeing this his parents signed him up for training in the Aurastery's magic school. Sair would be one of the few other races to study and graduate from an all Tarutaru oriented school. Not long after arriving in Windurst Sair would meet a young Mithra girl who would both form a fast friendship. Sadly, she left for Kazham and that was the last he saw of her for many years. As Sair grew his interest in magic slowly diverted to the white arts.

Now, Sair is on his own. His parents moved back to Bastok to live in peace. Sair took up training as a Red Mage, seeking to make a name for himself in Windurst. As a child he heard legends of the great Karaha-Baruha who sacrificed his life to save Windurst and Sair hopes to become as great of a hero as him. In the many years since he set off on his own Sair has been nearly everywhere on the middle lands and explored a bit of the near eastern lands.

From devoting his life to the protection of others as a White Mage, to battling the mighty Avatars gaining a fraction of their powers and becoming a full-fledged Summoner like his childhood hero. He has rescued a young but troublesome wyvern from certain death and thus becoming a skilled Dragoon as well. He has fought for his home nation becoming well known in Windurst, assisted the Serpent Generals of Aht Urhgan protect their city, and set foot on the war-torn remains of Tavnazia.

One might think Sair has done it all, but much still lies in store for this individual. Much more than he will ever know. At this time Sair has taken interest in studying about the mysterious Cavernous Maws that have appeared around the middle lands, and to discover the secrets hidden in a long-forgotten Grimoire he happened across deep within the bowels of Castle Oztroja. What fate will become of Sair...?
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Sair Gammonari - Devoted Guardian of Windurst
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