Sfant Umbra began as a secret mercenary business within the depths of the Aht Urhgan Empire. With the rise and fall of business it slowly faded from memory. That is, until a descendant of the creator happened across some old parchments one day...
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 The Government and Industry of Windurst

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PostSubject: The Government and Industry of Windurst   Wed May 27, 2009 3:22 am

In the following post the text in italics is taken from the Official Website

Administrative Organization

Tribes of Tarutaru from the sweeping grasslands and neighboring islands of southern Mindartia united to form this league of states. It is governed by a council of representatives from the five ministries of magic, legacies of the five founding tribes. Their decisions are based on the prophecies of the mystic Star Sibyl who resides in the fabled Heavens Tower.

Star Sybil

The Star Sibyl is the formal name given to the Tarutaru leader of Windurst. Since the Dawn of the Age of magic one young female taru with exceptional talent for magic has been chosen to take this office. She resides in the Vestal Chamber in Heavens Tower and uses another special room in the Tower to look for signs from the Dawn Goddess. It is the popular belief of the Tarutaru she is an incarnation of Altana herself.

The current Star Sibyl, whose real name has not been revealed, has been in power since before the Crystal War. The only ones allowed to see her are her body guards, her vassals, the Ministers of Magic, members of the Parliament of Patriarchs, and high ranking adventurers. She did, however, make one public appearance in the years following the Crystal War, where she urged her people to maintain a peaceful relationship with the Yagudo and to never use summoning magic again. She has complete trust in Semih Lafihna, her personal Patriarch Protector. The Star Sibyl is blessed with the ability to read the stars in order to predict future events. She is not a character of many words, yet those words she utters are heartfelt.

The Sibyl Guards

An elite unit of Mithra soldiers, created after The Great War to protect the Star Sibyl. This unit, shrouded in mystery, is not officially part of the Windurst military and only answers to the Star Sibyl. Its members are picked amongst the Mithra of Windurst, however their numbers are unknown as they rarely leave Heaven’s Tower, though they are believed to be relatively few as only the best of the best are picked. The Sibyl Guards evoke mixed feelings among the local Mithra tribes - for some, to be accepted in that elite unit is the ultimate recognition of their hunting and archery skills. Others consider The Sibyl Guards to have "lost their way" as they were "raised by Tarutaru" and thus are not true Mithra.

These elite Mithran rangers stand sentry in and around Heaven's Tower to protect the Star Sybil but they also are known to perform covert military operations for her. The unit was formed shortly after the Crystal War ended and specially chosen from among Mithra children who were orpahned after the Battle of Windurst. They were raised with special training to serve the Windurstian Leader for their life time. The exact number of this elite unit is a state secret, however believed to be a few dozen at most.

Known Members:

Semih Lafihna- Leader and personal Patriarch Protector to the Star Sibyl. There are rumors she will be the next Tribal Chieftainess of the Windurst Mithra tribes.

Foo Beibo
Rhy Epocan
Shaz Norem
Ufu Koromoa
Vahn Paineesha

Parliament of Patriarchs

The Parliament of Patriarchs is the governing body for Windurst. Very little has been revealed about this organization. They appear to be the body that actual creates and enacts laws and answer to no one but the Star Sybil. They are an entirely separate body from the Ministries.

The 5 Ministries of Magic

All the ex-ministers have manors in Windurst Walls. When the ministers of the five magic ministries of Windurst retire, they gain the title of doctor or professor, and are allowed to live in special houses so they can continue their studies.


This Minitry Focuses on the properties and cultivation of plants ("Rhinostery" is a combination of the words "ministery" and "rhinal" -- smell). The Ministry is located in Windurst Waters.

The current minister is Rukususu, who spends much of her time out doing field work. Her predicessor, and mentor, Iru-Kuiru was one of the team to go and investigate the Northlands before the Crystal War. His mysterious murder weighs heavily on her mind.


Located in the heart of Windurst Woods, the Manustery is in charge of the development and maintainace of the Cardian automatons. ("Manustery" is a combination of the words "ministry" and "manual" -- working with the hands).

The current minister is Apururu, succeeding her father Zonpa-Zippa, the creator of Cardians. She is the sister of Aijido-Marujido the Orastery Minister.


The official Windurst Department of Magic ("Orastery" is a combination of the words "ministry" and "oral"). Located in Port Windurst, the War Warlocks are trained here. The current minister is Ajido-Marujido, succeeding Professor Shantotto.

Shantotto is still recognized as a powerful mage, feared, respected, loved, and mocked all through the world. Known for her outrageous laughter and attitude, she has a reputation for being unapproachable and downright rude. She is often looked to in matters of national and international importance to this day.


This Ministry emphasizes what can be seen ("Optistery" is a combination of the words "ministry" and "optical"). Located in Windurst Waters, the Optistery is separated into two specializations -- the library, which houses and restores ancient magical manuscripts, and the observatory, which analyzes the Celestial bodies of Vana'diel. The current minister is Tosuka-Porika, a position previously held by Karaha-Baruha.


This Ministry emphasizes teaching magic ("Aurastery" is a combination of the words "ministry" and "aural" -- hearing.) Located in Windurst Waters, the Aurastery acts as Windurst's School of Magic. The former minister Koru-Moru is the principal, the current minister is Sedal-Godjal

Windurst Mithra Tribal Chieftainess

The Chieftainess's of the Windurstrian Mithra Tribes elect one of their number to make final decisions on larger matters that concern all of the tribes. The Chieftainess still recognizes the Star Sybil as the ultimate power in Windurst but generally is viewed as on par with the Parliament of Patriarchs in power.

The current Chieftainess is Perih Vashai who rose to this office after her astounding performance in the Crystal War. A wise woman, she has given up the use of her eyes in order to see the world better. Her leadership and counsel are sought by travelers and adventurers from across the globe.

The Mithra Tribes of Windurst

There is no disclosed number given as to how many tribes there are in Windurst. Every Mithra in Windurst though belongs with a tribe that is headed by the Chieftainess that handles smaller matters. She is the one that determines which larger matters have to be brought forward to the Tribal Chieftainess. If a matter is significant enough a meeting will be called for all Chieftainesses to hear and give input on a matter but the ultimate decison would belong to the Tribal Chieftainess.

Military Organization

The Federation Forces of Windurst are led by a Warlock Warlord, chosen once a year from the Parliament of Patriarchs, and consist of twelve brigades of War Warlocks and four brigades of Mithra Mercenaries.

The Patriarch Protectors

A unit charged with the protection and security of the various ministries and the Parliament of Patriarchs. For the sake of security, their numbers and equipment have not been made public, though the unit is thought to hold close to one hundred members.

This unit consists entirely of magic using Beastmasters and their leader is Nyumomo who has been in that office since the Crystal War.

A footnote from an SOE Article relates:

Current Patriarch Protector Principal of the Federation of Windurst, a station charged with the safety of all Patriarchs of Parliament. Formerly a leading pupil among the great beastmaster Choh Moui's disciples.

Total Patriarch Protectors: ~ 100.

The Warlock Warlord

The Warlock Warlord is the military leader for Windurst who commands both the War Warlocks and the Mithra Mercenaries. Every year the Warlock Warlord is chosen from the Parliament of Patriarchs.

The most famous one was Lungo-Nango, who was the Warlock Warlord during the Age of Magic. During the Crystal War, Robel-Akbel served as Warlock Warlord.

The name of the current Warlord is unknown.

The War Warlocks

The body of the Federation Forces is comprised of twelve brigades. Each brigade is led by a Master Caster, who is advised in strategy and command matters by several Wise Wizards. The actual fighting is carried out by the eight Caster Companies, each headed by a Caster Captain who commands thirty veteran soldiers known as Combat Casters. A Caster Company is further reinforced with one hundred Cardians controlled by a group of Tactician Magicians. Combat Casters must undergo several grueling testing procedures before being accepted into the War Warlocks, so their level of expertise in the magical arts is exceptionally high. While the number of War Warlocks is relatively low, their incredible power can turn the tide of a battle.

Total War Warlocks: ~ 3,200
Total Cardians: 10,000

The Mithra Mercenaries

A mercenary organization comprised chiefly of Mithra. There are four brigades in the Mithra Mercenaries, and, unlike other nations, they are not a permanent part of the Federation Forces. The free-spirited Mithra, despite being the central element of the army, did not wish to become a regimented force; the Mithra selected to choose the looser structural organization of a mercenary force. The Mercenary Major has several Mercenary Companies under her command, but this number can rise or fall depending on the hunting season. Each Mercenary Company is led by a Mercenary Captain, with around one hundred mercenaries assigned to each company. These companies are often joined by an extra fifty or so Freeswords, inexperienced soldiers that come under the tutelage of the veteran mercenaries.

Since Mithra are free spirits and hunters by nature their members are allowed to leave the ranks to go on extended hunting trips. When this happens they will recruit Freeswords to fill in positions. Freeswords can be of any race.

A footnote from an SOE Article relates:

The Mithran Mercenaries could originally be separated into two camps: the Anaconda and Crocodile units (former pirates), and the Wildcat and Tigress units (volunteers from the south). After the war, these separate camps were restructured into four equal mercenary units.

Current Patriarch Protector Principal of the Federation of Windurst, a station charged with the safety of all Patriarchs of Parliament. Formerly a leading pupil among the great beastmaster Choh Moui's disciples.

Total Mithra Mercenaries: Several Thousand.



The environment surrounding Windurst does not receive large amounts of precipitation, but nevertheless features numerous rivers and streams. The warm climate has encouraged the Tarutaru to grow a wide variety of crops, which they cultivate and harvest with the help of magical techniques. Many of these crops are exported to other countries.

Tarutaru farmers also raise rabbits known as "Rarabs," while the Mithra in Windurst Woods raise towering Dhalmels. This livestock provides Windurst with a source of milk, meat, and leather.

The Mithra also bring in wild game from hunting. The fishing industry is large and thriving in Windurst with the headquaters of the Fishing Guild being located there. Perhaps because of the abundance of food stuffs the Cooking Guild also brings in capital to the nation.

Over all Windurst is the largest producer of food and food export in Vana' diel providing food for much of Mindarta and Quon.


With the abundance of plants, grasses naturally the harvesting of these raw materials for cloth is a source of renvue. In addition, the headquarters for the Cloth Crafting Guild being ther means they also produce textiles and clothing.


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The Government and Industry of Windurst
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