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 Where The Wild Things Are

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Sfant Umbran Movie Reviewer
Sfant Umbran Movie Reviewer

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PostSubject: Where The Wild Things Are   Sun Jan 10, 2010 1:11 pm

Where the Wild Things Are

What was once a beloved children's picture book, has now (apparently finally) become a live action motion-picture. Not just any motion picture, but a motion picture who's entire screen play was completely accepted by the books author, Maurice Sendak (who also acts as the producer). A rarity in Hollywood.

The movie greatly extends the story of a boy (Max) who runs away from his mother and finds himself in the land of the Wild Things. Various plot points have been added, Max bites his own mother, the Wild Things threaten to eat him, to name a few. One thing must be noted, this movie is truly not intended for kids like the book is. That warning comes from the author himself; as the movie is meant to remind us (the adults) what it was like to be a kid at that certain age.

We all know the story by heart but how does the movie over all do? It really does the job it was set out to do. This is a film with a purpose behind it just like the book did. Think back when you were 7/8 years old. It's the point of your childhood where you are still playing with your favorite blanky, or teddy, and more than likely you will have an imaginary friend. Also more than likely you still behaved in rather rudish ways at times. Parents and older siblings were trying to tell you its time to grow up and give up your younger years, but you so desperately wanted to hang on to them. This movie shows that time through the characters Max and Wild Things.

The Wild Things themselves are extremely well done. A combination of CGI, puppeteering, and full customs are blended so well together, it takes probably a third or forth look to actually tell when one is used over the other. The voice work on them is also, extremely well done; you really get a sense that these are real live characters on the screen.

The overall movie itself? Well here's the thing: Unless you are looking for a change of pace, this movie is not for everyone. Its a pure character piece, a drama. Needless to say though, it is very well done for an adaptation. It brings to life the childhood you once left behind. If you have been interested in seeing this movie, take my word as the last push to see it once. Other wise, go ahead and pass it up. Its entirely up to you. Its a great movie, but not everyones cup of tea.

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Where The Wild Things Are
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