Sfant Umbra began as a secret mercenary business within the depths of the Aht Urhgan Empire. With the rise and fall of business it slowly faded from memory. That is, until a descendant of the creator happened across some old parchments one day...
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 Customs of the "Windurstian"

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PostSubject: Customs of the "Windurstian"   Wed May 27, 2009 1:00 pm

Text in itallics is from the official site.

The Flag of the Federation represents the heart of what Windurst is. Windurst's symbol, the Great Star Tree, is depicted at the center.
The predominant green represents the Windurstians' fondness of nature.


The flag illustrates what precepts the Windurstian hold dear. All in Windurst view the natural world and nature in high esteem and to be lived with rather than controlled. The Great Star Tree to them is the epitome of this philosophy.

They welcome other races and nations into their city with friendly enthusiasm. Their views of trying to forge peace with the beastmen are ridiculed by other cultures though this is a result of how terribly their warlike past humbled them. Often they try to talk things out before fighting which, though a fine quality, can result in lack of action.

The typical Windurstian tries to look at the bright side of any situation and believe the best.


The Federation of Windurst was the hardest hit by the ravages of the Great War, but with the assistance of the Mithra, the damage has been completely repaired. Tarutaru culture is far from materialistic. In relation to the Tarutaru's small size, their residences are spacious and comfortable.

The Tarutaru and Mithra have different ideas of structures but their shared love of nature can be seen in both as well as in the city itself which both races rebuilt after the end of the Crystal War. They tend to leave patches of wild grass and flowers everywhere and build around natural features such as hills and lakes. They pave areas minimally and tend to let their paths keep the windy and long in reflection of the leisurely way of the laid back nature their cultures. Houses and buildings often are made inside of the natural features just like the administrative center of Windurst is in a tree.

Tarutaru buildings are built of natural materials and are completely enclosed. They tend to have an open and circular floor plan leaving little room for total privacy.

Mithra dwellings are primarily open air with only small portion in doors for them to sleep or take shelter in. All common areas for eating and socializing are built on wooden platforms.

Magic and Knowledge

A highly advanced form of magical energy is used in many aspects of Windurstian life. The doll-like Cardians and brightly glowing fluoro-flora are just a few examples of this power put to practical use. Industry in Windurst also includes the refinement of bronze, but the use of metallic substances is generally not favored.

The Tarutaru culture is inseparable from magic. To them magic can be used as a tool, a power source, a defense and a guide in life. They use it to build, excavate and even write. Mithra prefer with using their hands and own strength in most task.

Together with magic they also highly prize knowledge as can be seen in the fact they have the largest library in Windurst than any of the other races possess.

This prizing of both magic and knowledge can also be seen in the themes and activities of the various Ministries.

Using Nature's Bounty

The city always has an abundance of food; Tarutaru magic enhances crop yields, and the Mithra use their hunting and fishing skills to keep the markets overflowing with meat and fish.

Going along with the philosophy of both Mithra and Tarutaru they import very little of what they need for meeting their basic needs. The Mithra express this by going on frequent hunting trips in which they bring back meat and fish. The Taru also use the grasses that grow wild as a source for textiles so harvesting is a common practice.

Though a good portion is gathered naturally there are a good number of farmers out on the rarely travelled to outskirts of the grasslands. Taru farmers use magic to enhance their crops growth while Mithra seem to favor livestock raising.


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Customs of the "Windurstian"
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