Sfant Umbra began as a secret mercenary business within the depths of the Aht Urhgan Empire. With the rise and fall of business it slowly faded from memory. That is, until a descendant of the creator happened across some old parchments one day...
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 Geography of Vana'diel

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PostSubject: Geography of Vana'diel   Tue May 26, 2009 5:14 pm

Vana'diel In Its Entirety

That's right. Vana'diel is a big place and there's even more out there than we currently have access to. Take a look at the map above and you can see just how much is out there and only currently hinted to in game. According to FFXI Wiki:

The currently mapped world is estimated to be one quarter to one half of Vana'diel. Since airship travel is controlled by the Grand Duchy of Jeuno, there is little travel outside of these known lands. There are still recipes and items associated with these lands, so trade may take place while travel remains restricted. Also, the Marquisite of Tavnazia once traded with the Near East, Far South, and the Far West.

Let's take a few moments to learn a bit about the world we inhabit as our characters. This will enrich our RP experience so we can better understand just where our characters come from.

Unknown Regions

Let's start off with what we have yet to explore. All italicized quotes are from FFXI enclylopedia unless indicated otherwise.

Distant Lands of the North


Rhazowa is the frozen continent lying due north of Quon. It is likely home to the Orcish Empire and the island(s) from which the Gigas tribes originate from.

Gigas apparently used their shipbuilding skills to raid the Hume tribes living in Qufim but never intended to settle on Quon. The ones in the Middle Lands were abandoned when the others retreated after the Shadow Lord's retreat. The Orcs though it appears built ships with the intent of conquering and occupying new territory building actual homes and strongholds on Quon.

None of the 5 races have been mentioned as ever coming from or living on Rhazowa.

Distant Lands of the South

Despite what many think, Mithra didn't originate in Kazham! In fact all Mithra originate from the Southern Continent and possibly inhabit many Islands there. An item called the Taffetta Cloth seems to indicate there may be more than one continent in the South.


Olzhirya is the continent located far, far south across the seas from Mindartia, and is home to the great nation Gha Naboh Matriarchate. The Gha Naboh Matriarchate, or often better know simply as, Gha Naboh, is the great nation that occupies the entire continent of Olzhirya and its surrounding islands which likely include Tsahya and possibly Zhwa. It is known by the Mithra as "the motherland" and is a peaceful nation ruled by a wise and beautiful queen, at least in the times before the Crystal War. The capital city of Gha Naboh, possibly mentioned as Yhoh, was the birth place of Lehko Habhoka.[/i]


Zhwa is a remote island nation located around the Olzhirya continent. It is known to be a kingdom with the royal line of "Zhwan". It is the homeland of Naja "Salaheem" Zhwan, Koja Zhwan and Haja Zhwan. The Empire of Aht Urhgan is known to have held sovereignty over the populace. Koja Zhwan was known to be a close friend to Imperial Hero Balrahn - tightening both countries relationship. A force of Zhwan soldiers followed Naja overseas answering the Empire's Call where she founded Salaheem's Sentinels under yet unknown circumstances.

Island of Tsahya

Tsahya, an island nation, is one of the remaining areas in Final Fantasy XI yet to be revealed. What is known so far (which is very little) is that it is located somewhere to the south of the continents of Quon and Mindartia. It was for some time speculated to be the homeland of the cat-like race Mithra, however the Wings of the Goddess expansion pack confirmed their homeland to be the continent of Olzhirya, also located to the south. Items available which relate to Tsahya are the Tsahyan Mask and possibly the Southern Mummy.

Interestingly all items relating to the South appear to be tribal in nature much as the Mithra are portrayed so it may indeed be another Mithra nation though not the original.

Distant Lands of the West


Ulbuka is the continent to the west of Quon and it seems likely the isle of Adoulin may fall within its boundaries. It was home to the exorcists Gertrude, Brian, and Roger before the return of The Dark Lillies brought them to the Middle Land continents, as well as Vhino Delkahngo before she arrived in Windurst to fight in the Crystal War. The continent bears origin to the Bison Jacket Set and the Totem Pole items.

The items and NPC from here seem to indicated tribal cultures using animistic religion. Hume and Mithra so far seem to be the only races connected to it.

The Far East

The empires far to the east (home to the Samurai, Ninja, Tenzen, Gessho, many items, and many Vana'dielan holidays). The flag for the nation in which Tenzen originates from may be the Phoenix symbol found on his kote. There are a group of Yagudo known as the Tengu that live in the Far East, making it a potential homeland for the Yagudo.

This is the nation that has the real Asian flavor. They also appear to be where the Tenshodo is from and had strong trade ties with Tavnazia. It seems to have strong ties to Phoenix and it is thought the inhabitants might worship this Avataar.

The Middle Lands

Ah the good ol' stompin' grounds where all the starting nations lie! The following is taken from the official Website.


The largest continent of Vana'diel. Climates vary from the frigid cold of the northern glaciers to the sweltering heat of the southern deserts. This land has an abundance of plant and animal life, and a large variety of mammals make Quon their home. The Quon continent is populated by the Hume, Elvaan, and Galka races at a ratio of 6:3:1. The main nations are the Elvaan Kingdom of San d'Oria, situated in the central northern forest belt; the southern Hume Republic of Bastok, surrounded by rugged mountains and beaches; and the Hume-governed Grand Duchy of Jeuno, built upon the bridges that connect Quon to the continent of Mindartia. The staple food of San d'Oria is wheat, while Bastok relies on harvesting rye and popotoes. Many regions also herd giant sheep as livestock.

The advance troops of the Orcish Empire to the north and the stronghold of the Quadav in the swamplands to the east comprise the two main beastmen powers on the continent.


This continent is situated to the east of Quon. With the exception of Sarutabaruta in the south, Mindartia is mainly comprised of dry, rocky badlands. The vegetation here has adapted to suit the arid conditions, and animal life is dominated by reptile and insect species. The main races of people are the Tarutaru and the Mithra at a ratio of roughly 8:2. The Federation of Windurst is the homeland of the Tarutaru, and features the magical city of Windurst and the port town of Mhaura as its centers of civilization.

Corn and popotoes are the staple food source of Windurst, with dhalmels and rarabs kept as livestock. The beastmen presence takes the form of the Yagudo Theomilitary, a race that makes its home to the west of the continent and maintains a pretense of friendly relations with Windurst.

The Grand Duchy of Jueno-The Bridge Between the Continents

What started as a simple Hume fishing village grew to be a booming city-state built upon Heavens Bridge, a structure that allows passage between the Quon and Mindartia continents. Jeuno's national policy is one of neutral mercantilism, and is governed by a set of relatively loose regulations. This encourages a constant flow of traders of all races, from Hume shopkeepers to Goblin merchants, to visit this colorful, cosmopolitan town. Jeuno is also the only country to retain the ancient skills required to construct airships, which provides a rapid method of travel between nations.

The Near East

The Empire of Aht Urhgan

The Empire of Aht Urhgan dominates the Aradjiah Continent, a landmass found east of Mindartia. This massive nation lies between the Gugru Blue and the countries of the Far East, and is governed by the Divine Empress--a ruler who wields absolute religious and secular authority.

Halvung Teritorry

Found across the ocean from Cape Mazklah, beyond the Sicklemoon Straits, Mount Zhayolm is an active twin volcano that rises from the islands of Vozold and Zazalda. Home to the Troll Mercenaries, the Halvung Territory was once recognized by Aht Urhgan as an independent state of the Empire.

Mamool Ja Savagelands

The capital of Mamool Ja, Mamook was built deep in a forest on a peninsula west of the Aht Urhgan Empire. Home to the Mamool Ja beastmen who are enemies of the Imperials.

Arrapago Archipelago

This highly treacherous area is legendary for stranding many a ship.
It is for this reason that Arrapago Reef became the final bastion for a kingdom that was destroyed by an attack from Aht Urhgan. It is said that the kingdom's immense treasures still rest in the coastal caverns. However, the Lamiae are currently using the reef as their stronghold, guarded by the sleepless undead. Infiltrating Arrapago Reef would be no easy task.

Azouph Isle

After striking north from the Imperial capital, a perilous voyage across the roiling seas of the Cyan Deep will bring travelers to Azouph Isle. This mist-shrouded island is home to the solitary settlement of Nashmau. Once a supply base for the Imperial navy, it was abandoned after a plague descended upon its population; the Qiqirn have since taken the town as their own. The diminutive beastmen have reopened a section of the port in order to trade with fishermen and other visitors to the Arrapago Islands. To the east of Nashmau lies a stretch of mudlands known as the "Deadmist Marsh


Official Site

Look in the Locations and Treasures of Aht Urhgan sections for more information.

FFXI Encyclopedia: Areas Article

FFXI Encyclopedia: Vanadiel Article

Vandiel Tribune Article: The Wide World of Vana'diel
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Geography of Vana'diel
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