Sfant Umbra began as a secret mercenary business within the depths of the Aht Urhgan Empire. With the rise and fall of business it slowly faded from memory. That is, until a descendant of the creator happened across some old parchments one day...
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 Drahcir, Noble of the Seas

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PostSubject: Drahcir, Noble of the Seas   Sat Aug 08, 2009 11:28 pm

Screen Name: Drahcir
Character Name: Drahcir R Corbeaubois
Gender: Male
Race: Elvaan
Age: 23
Main Job: Paladin
Subjob: Ninja
Other Jobs: Samurai
Birthplace: Aldiaine*
Residence: Kingdom of San d'Oria
Family: Tryn (Wife, presumed deceased)

Appearance: Tall, with a stormy grey eye, having lost the other he covers the scar tissue with an eye patch, and jet black hair. A smile is never far from his face and he dresses himself elegantly whenever possible. Though broad shouldered and seemingly brutish, he is a skilled navigator and sailor, the intelligence he harbors tends to surprise those he meets.
Character Bio Included? No


To: Sfant Umbra Mercenary Agency

You have come to my attention and I believe we can be of use to each other. I could use a safe harbor while I seek for my lost love, and I'm sure you could use another ship. My associate, Crystarella Gildencoven, informed me of your group. As I am a noble of little standing, I believe my wealth and networks would be of use to you. I appreciate you taking the time to read this.

Drahcir R Corbeaubois

(Aldiaine: Legendary homeland of the Elvaan before their emigration to the Quon continent. Though regarded with the utmost esteem and honor by the Kingdom of San d'Oria, having no substantial presence on the continents often results in its being relegated the honorary status of ally to the royal family. [Taken from: Great Figures of the Crystal War ])
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Drahcir, Noble of the Seas
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