Sfant Umbra began as a secret mercenary business within the depths of the Aht Urhgan Empire. With the rise and fall of business it slowly faded from memory. That is, until a descendant of the creator happened across some old parchments one day...
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 Akash Sal’tari - Rogue of the Winds

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PostSubject: Akash Sal’tari - Rogue of the Winds   Thu Jul 09, 2009 12:36 am

Screen Name: Akash
Character Name: Akash Sal’tari
Gender: Male
Race: Hume
Age: 24
Main Job: Dragoon
Subjob: Red Mage
Other Jobs: Thief, Warrior, Monk
Birthplace: Unknown
Residence: Bastok
Family: Adopted father Rakeesh Sal’tari

Appearance: Akash is tall and slender with light brown hair that frames his face. At first glance he seems to glow with self confidence some would even call him cocky and/or arrogant. He is brash, out going, and quick to laugh. Also known by a few as the leader of a small traveling circus known as Wind Nomads.

Personality: Akash is the result of a shattered past, a rogue in every sense of the word. He loves money and infamy. Akash is a compulsive liar, thief, and gambler. Though a liar by nature if he gives his word he keeps it. He is dangerously curious about things or people that are unfortunate enough attract his attention. He is an expert duelist with swords and daggers but his true weapon of choice is a lance due to his acrobatic nature and his fascination with the sky and anything that flies makes him dream of becoming a Dragoon. Though he is adept at combat, he would much rather talk his way out of a fight or run from it, than actually fight, but when cornered do not underestimate his abilities. He also seems to have a natural talent for magic though he prefers to dabble with all forms rather that specializing.
Akash likes to think of himself as a charming and irresistible ladies man, though the fact that most women can’t stand him never seems to sink in or he simple doesn’t care (more likely the later). He was in love once but it resulted in betrayal and heart break for him since then he has sworn to never allow a woman to truly get that close ever again. Akash is an individualist first, last, and always, if something comes between his own safety or the safety of some one else Akash will always pick his own, with one exception, his gang.
As the leader of the Wind Nomads he a brilliant showman giving the introduction to the act as well as taking the position of lead acrobat, in the darker more secret activities of the Nomads he leads his private war against his uncle and his flow of illegal contraband. He is a cunning strategist and tends to find a way to get in and out with the goods without ever being caught, but if the situation arises that there has been a witness he has little to no compunction about having them eliminated. He values his own freedom above all else; in all aspects of his life. He flows threw life picking no nation to truly call his own; though he aligns him self with Bastok he does not consider himself a Bastoker and follows his own code.

History: Akash has no clue where he was born he was found in the desert by Rakeesh Kar’tavin an Elvaan Temple Knight of San d’Oria. Through his youth Akash was relatively happy training hard with his adoptive father and dreaming of becoming a Dragoon one day. He even fell in love with a Elvaan nobles daughter and they seemed meant to be together but fate had other plans and showed Akash how cruel his beloved Kingdom could be. Right before his sixteenth birthday Kaltiar, Rakeesh’s younger brother framed Rakeesh for the theft of a sacred artifact. Rakeesh was tried and convicted, due to the planted evidence. During the trial Akash’s own fiancé Tria betrayed him and testified against them. Their sentence was banishment from San d’Oria, in the process Tria attacked Akash and stabbed him three times. That day Akash learned that love and happiness were an illusion and that it was better to never let any one get too close.

Akash fled to Bastok with his father, they changed their Sur name to Sal’tari and tried to move on, but Rakeesh became bitter and began planning attacks on Kaltiar’s supply line of illegal traded goods in and out of the San d’Oria. Soon the plans came to fruition and they began raiding the supply routs in the desert. And soon word got out that there were bandits hitting merchants going to San d’Oria and the traders started hiring guards and sell swords to protect them. So Rakeesh began to recruit more to the gang and the Wind Raiders were formed. After one raid when Akash was twenty Rakeesh was wounded. And while he recovered Akash took the reigns of the Wind Raiders and renamed them the Wind Nomads setting up a cover for them as a traveling circus.
During raids on shipments he would form plans for hitting the shipments without ever being seen or with minimal effort. His tactics were so successful that even after Rakeesh recovered he left Akash in charge. As the years have passed Kaltiar’s supply line has all but dried up. The Wind Nomads now seeking other sources of income besides the circus and have turned to the mercenary organization Sfant Umbra.
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Akash Sal’tari - Rogue of the Winds
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