Sfant Umbra began as a secret mercenary business within the depths of the Aht Urhgan Empire. With the rise and fall of business it slowly faded from memory. That is, until a descendant of the creator happened across some old parchments one day...
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 Valris Odessa - Fierce But Timid Monk of La Theine Plateau

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PostSubject: Valris Odessa - Fierce But Timid Monk of La Theine Plateau   Mon Jun 22, 2009 5:59 am

Screen Name: Valris
Character Name: Valris (V-all-ris) Odessa (O-deh-ss-ah)
Gender: Female
Race: Hume
Age: 22
Main Job: Monk
Subjob: Thief
Other Jobs: Warrior
Birthplace: La Theine Plateau
Residence: Bastok
Family: Orwan (Ore-wa-n) Odessa (Father, deceased), Karianna (Kar-ee-an-na) Odessa (Mother, deceased), Sairan Gammonari (Cousin)
Likes: Quiet surroundings, tranquility, forests, Mithra, heat of battle between her and an Orc.
Dislikes: Galka, crowded places, new places/people, snooty Elvaan, the Beastmen Confederate especially Orcs.
Motivation/Goals: The biggest goal and motivation that keeps Valris fighting on the battlefield is revenge against the Orcish Hosts for destroying the tranquil life she knew. A burning hatred for them fules her to battle until the last ounce of strength is exhausted.

Appearance: There are two sides to this girl, a fierce young fighter burning with fire in her eyes, and a timid shy woman afraid of those around her. Like her cousin, Sarian, Valris has stunning blue eyes and sandy blonde hair parted to the side. Many men have tried to become acquainted with this timid beauty, however eventually give up on her skittish nature. Some would say her appearance rivals the beauty of the Dawn Goddess herself, of course many stretch this truth. She's about the average height of a Hume woman and fairly athletic albeit a little petite.

Personality: Valris is fierce, brave, and willing to fight for her allies. However that is the Valris seen on the battlefield. Get her away from the heat of battle and you will find a quiet and timid girl, shy of new surroundings. Due to a difficult past Valris has always had trouble opening up to strangers and even more in trusting people. Many will never understand why she can stare an Orc in the eye but shrink away and cower in the face of a Galka. Despite this, she can be relied on to fight for her allies and never back down from a fight against the Orcish Hosts. Valris at times can be a little dense, not catching on to the obvious. Any questions about her past can make her clam up and remain silent for the longest time.

While last names differ, both Orwan Odessa and Rowan Gammonari are brothers. Orwan took on their mother's maiden name, Rowan their mother's married name. But this is not where our story begins... Many a year ago Orwan Odessa met Karianna during one of her performances at a local tavern one night in San d'Oria. Within a year's time they were married. Moving from the Elvaan capital they settled down in the mountainous valleys around La Theine Plateau. In due time Karianna gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Affectionately they named their child Valris.

Things seemed at peace until two years later the bloodiest moment in history that would face Vana'diel erupted, the Crystal War. As a trained monk, Orwan took arms up against the onslaught of Beastmen joining the San d'Orian army. The battle took its toll on many however it seemed the Goddess would smile upon him. With the fall of the Shadow Lord Orwan returned to his family and peace resumed. When Valris grew older he began training the girl in the art of self defense as a monk. The girl learned quickly and by the age of six had become somewhat skilled in the art. During a particular day within her sixth year on Vana'diel that happiness she had come to know would be torn from her.

It was a bright morning when Orwan set off on his usual trek to gather firewood. Valris was playing inside while Karianna washed the laundry when without warning a flaming arrow struck the small wooden hut. Karianna looked up in fear to spot a small band of Orcs looming over the horizon. Within moments they swarmed the area. About this time Orwan was returning when he spotted the billowing smoke in the distance. Throwing his lumber aside he sprinted in its direction.

The hut of his family had been set ablaze, area crawling with the foul creatures who started it as they plundered what they could. Grasping his cesti Orwan leapt into the fray quickly dispatching two of the Orcs before they could retaliate. Releasing a series of well-placed punches ending with a powerful mid-kick he managed to severely wound another. Bursting inside the hut he came across the mutilated form of his wife at his feet. Part of her body had already been charred by the flames.. In a frantic cry he called out for Valris praying for an answer.

A sudden shrill scream from a nearby room confirmed she was still alive. Smashing down the door he found an Orc, axe raised and about to slash into the child. Quickly he tackled it and engaged in battle trading blow for blow, Orwan fighting for his life and hers. Unknown to him another Orc managed to sneak up from behind cutting a deep gash into his back with its axe. Switftly grabbing his attacker by the arm throwing it into his opponent the monk seized the opportunity to scoop up child in arm and flee. With the Orcs in tow Orwan fled into the depths of Jugner Forest.

Hours pass until the Orcs at last gave up chase and retreated. To ensure his daughter's safety he embarked on a long trek to the town of Selbina situated in the Valkurm Dunes. As nightfall fell at last he arrived with child in arms at the gates. Energy spent his body betrayed him causing Valris to tumble from his arms before he fell. No matter how much she begged and pleaded for her father to stand his wounds and loss of blood were too much, within moments he would die.

Now a homeless child in the streets of Selbina strangers pitied her giving glares as if she did not belong, an oucast. The worst would be a disgruntled Galkan worker who spotted the child on his way home. Angered at the Hume race he cornered her in an alley brutally beating the child and leaving her for dead. This incident marked the start of a terrible fear towards Galka she would develop within her lifetime.

Seeing her pain Goddess must have been watching over her once more as a tribe of Mithra living within the outskirts of the town adopted the child as their own. Over the years Valris developed skills as a pickpocket and thief, learning it was only meant for survival and not for profit. This is the value they taught her. Soon tribe would move on towards Windurst leaving Valris alone again. Becoming a maid for the local inn she took on a place of residence until her twentieth birthday.

Days after, taking what little belongings she had Valris moved on leaving this chapter of her life behind. Eventually she learned of a cousin living in Windurst and with his help established a home to call her own in the Republic unaware that the Galka actually called this city home. Of course by this time it would be too late to do anyhing about it... Valris now lives her life day-to-day taking on odd jobs and cowering away from Galka whenever they pass a glance at her. She no longer flees from them, but it still becomes odd when your client happens to be a Galka.

Only time shall tell what lies in wait for the fierce but timid monk of La Theine Plateau.
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Valris Odessa - Fierce But Timid Monk of La Theine Plateau
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