Sfant Umbra began as a secret mercenary business within the depths of the Aht Urhgan Empire. With the rise and fall of business it slowly faded from memory. That is, until a descendant of the creator happened across some old parchments one day...
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 The Study of Hume

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PostSubject: The Study of Hume   Fri Jun 19, 2009 2:31 pm

The information in italics is from the official site.

Basic Description and Biology

Originating from the Bastok region, Humes have spread to the farthest reaches of Vana'diel. This race is characterized by its equally balanced abilities, moderate intelligence, and high level of skill in numerous areas. This combination of traits has played a large role in Bastok's growth into a prosperous nation of technology and industry.

Reflecting the ingenuity of the Hume the games gives them balanced skills and abilities making it possible to play any job in relative ease. Their adaptabilty to varying circumstances and tasks is their strongest trait.

Racial Origins

Hume are said to have have originated in Quon close to the area in which Bastok is now situated. The tribal Hume were beset by beastmen and apparently were somewhat nomadic because of this for quite awhile. They are reported to have migrated into the Qufim area and established villiages there also. They spread into the area which became the Empire of Aht Urghan fairly early as well.

Not physically powerful they didn't really gain a foothold until they developed a relationship with the Galka. Once they formed their alliance with the Galka the Hume began using their ingenuity to invent new technologies. This abilty can either be seen as a positive trait which allowed them to push conventions to win the Crystal War or as leading to the weakness as the weakness they were supposedly cursed with apathy.


Since Hume are inventive they prize technology above all else. Their culture focuses much on creating these technologies or taking existing technologies and finding new applications for them.

Valuing hardwork Hume are very proud of their ascent from thier humble and embattled origins. The only problem is that they often seem to forget that much of their success is due to their alliance with the Galka. In fact, Hume often hold a deep seated prejudice against the Galka seeing them as more beastman-like due to their appearance. Despite this prejudice they have been more than happy to use the Galka's superior strength and warrior skills to better themselves.

Perhaps because of their early struggles as a people, the forming of Bastok posted dated the forming of all the other races civilizations, they take pride in the comforts and monetary gains they are now experiencing.

Religion and Philosophy

Hume are the least religious of the 5 races. Most will espouse a belief in Altana and conform to some of the rights but all in all they rarely venture inside a church. In fact, the only religious place in Bastok is a small shrine in the basement of the Metalworks. Their view of Altanism is essentially the same as that of the Elvaan but they don't have any view of being especially blessed like the Elvaan.

A Hume's cultural view of technolgy makes them pride being self sufficient. They are very proud that, despite all odds, they survived but in turn this has made them more supicious of outsiders than the Elvaan. While Elvaan might isolate because of a feeling of superiority a Hume will often isolate for fear of their hard earned technology being exploited.

Life Style

There is a large gap between classes in Bastok and among Hume. They often reserve the best of the best for themselves leaving the other races to languish in sub-standard conditions feeling they deserve it more.

Officials have the highest style of living, merchants comprise a middle class and common workers and tradesmen comprise the bottom rungs in the minds of Hume.

RP Tips

When playing a Hume remember the scrappy nature of most of the Hume NPCs which reflects the idea of self sufficiency. Also most Hume would look down on or at least be weary of Galka.


The Five Races (Official Site)

FFXI Encyclopedia: Hume

FF Wiki: Hume

FFXI Wiki: Hume NPCs
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The Study of Hume
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