Sfant Umbra began as a secret mercenary business within the depths of the Aht Urhgan Empire. With the rise and fall of business it slowly faded from memory. That is, until a descendant of the creator happened across some old parchments one day...
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 RP Night Hosting Thread

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Igienic Preot
Igienic Preot

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PostSubject: RP Night Hosting Thread   Sat Jun 13, 2009 7:33 am

This forum is for posting the date and time and who is hosting the current RP Night. Please use the following layout:

Character Hosting: (Who is hosting it?)
Date and Time: (Date and time of RP night. Pacific time only.)
Location: (Where? Please keep it to areas accessible by all.)
Suggested Theme/Activity: (What activity or theme would you suggest for the RP night? Try to make it something everyone could do and enjoy.)

Adding RP Night to the Forum Calendar

Anyone from admin to regular member can post and add RP Night events to the forum calendar. Please include the date of the RP Night in your topic title too.

* Create a new topic and enter the information above. Remember it has to be in the Pacific Time Zone (GMT -7:00 Summer, GMT -8:00 Winter) when posting the information.

* After entering your information before you hit "Send" scroll down until you see the "Calendar" settings. Use the drop down boxes to select the day, month, and year for the event.

* Next set the hour of the event. The forum uses a standard 24 hour military time format. Please keep this in mind when entering the times.

00:00-11:00 AM time (12AM to 11AM)
12:00-23:00 PM time (12PM to 11PM)

Also remember the times must be set according to your own time zone, or they will not appear correctly for others. When posting the time it should be in Pacific, but when adding it to the Calendar you must set it to your own time zone to display properly.

* Lastly is the duration. This is for how long the event will last. In most scenarios you can leave this blank otherwise you can add in how many days, hours, or minutes long the event will be.

* After you've checked everything you can at last hit send and post it.

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RP Night Hosting Thread
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