Sfant Umbra began as a secret mercenary business within the depths of the Aht Urhgan Empire. With the rise and fall of business it slowly faded from memory. That is, until a descendant of the creator happened across some old parchments one day...
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 Ashtari Wahcandalo- Tribal Chieftainess

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PostSubject: Ashtari Wahcandalo- Tribal Chieftainess   Tue Jun 02, 2009 11:42 pm

Screenname: Ashtari
Character name Ashtari Wahcandalo
Race: Mithra
Gender: Female
Age: 26
Main job: Dragoon
Subjob: Samurai
Other jobs: Warrior
Birthplace: Kazham
Residence: Kazham

Family: Elamani Wahcandalo (Deceased Mother), Jakoh Wahcandalo (Grandmother), Duel Mikau (Fiancee)

Appearance: A blonde mithra, small in stature she is rarely seen without a smile and prone to giggling.


Ashtari is the granddaughter of Jakoh Wahcondalo and was born in the Elshimo village of Kazham. Her paternal hertitage is unknown accept that her father, and maybe even her grandfather are non-mithra from Norg.

Although her mother Elamani became hostile toward Norg and all no mithra soon after her birth she often accompanied Jakoh on her visits there. She would listen to the tales of the far off mainlands from the pirates and was especially fastinated by the tales of Dragoons and the exploits of the Samurai and vowed to learn to follow both paths.

A huge rift opened in her family when Jakoh decided to open up Kazham to trade and relations with the mainland. Ash's mother Elamani left the town with the other desenting mithra and set up her own tribe being elected its Cheiftainess. Ash went with her mother hoping to convince her to return and heal the rift. Instead Elamani trained Ash to be her replacement and remained resolved they should have no dealings with Kazham or Norg.

4 years ago Elamani decided she would retire and Ash should replace her. Ash, tired of the rift and unwilling to become leader of the tribe decided she would run away and start a new life as an adventurer. She resolved to become A Dragoon and Samurai as she hsd vowed.

Ash, with help from Gilgamesh and those who still remembered her fondly, was brought into Bastok. She found work as an attache at the embassy and did ambassdor work while attaining her dream of learning the art of bushido through her ties to Norg and also became a Dragoon. She even met a hume man, fell in love and had plans to marry but the cloud of what she left behind still made her live in hiding.

Her mother, holding to the old ways, considered her a traitor for deserting to the mainland and treasonous for rejecting her post. Elamani sent mithran hunters to find and kill her for her crimes.

At first Ash thought she could remain amonoymous but soon her work in the Bastok government put her in danger of discovery. She resigned and went further into hiding and then faced the loss of her fiancee who disappeared on a voyage to negociations with Aht Urghan which soon was to open its ports to te citizens of Quon. Devestated and tired of hiding she decided to return to Elshimo.

Ash begged Jakoh for help and in exchange for a promise not to desert her birthland again set up negotiations with her estranged daughter to remove the price on Ash's head. Elamani said she would only remove it if Ashtari agreed to an honor duel to the death. If Ashtari won she would take on the responsibility she shirked as Chieftainess to her tribe. Ash won the duel so now in addition to her leading her tribe she has been tasked by her grandmother to be an ambassador for Kazham to the other nations.

Ashtari, who has been living for the past 2 years as a fugitive in the mainland continents, has regained acceptance back into Kazham by fighting an honor duel with her mother. By winning she also took on the responsibility of leading her tribe who had been living as separatists in protest to Kazham opening its ports to outsiders, The Great River Tribe, and thus bringing them back into contact with Kazham and the other Mithra of Elshimo. Additionally, Ash has been assigned as an ambassador for the mithra in Elshimo to the other nations by her grandmother Jakoh Wahcandalo. She also has found hapiness with a new love, a hume man named Duel, and has once again become engaged.

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Ashtari Wahcandalo- Tribal Chieftainess
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