Sfant Umbra began as a secret mercenary business within the depths of the Aht Urhgan Empire. With the rise and fall of business it slowly faded from memory. That is, until a descendant of the creator happened across some old parchments one day...
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 A Letter From Crystarella Gildencoven

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Omaria Emir (Comandant Rosu)
Omaria Emir (Comandant Rosu)

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PostSubject: A Letter From Crystarella Gildencoven   Mon Jun 01, 2009 3:15 pm

Character Mini Sheet

Screen Name: Crystarella
Character Name: Crystarella Sharif "Gildencoven"
Gender: Female
Race: Hume
Age: 21
Main Job: Corasair
Subjob: Ranger
Other Jobs: Theif
Birthplace: San d' Oria
Residence: San d' Oria
Family: Omar "Lucky" Sharif (Deceased), Mother- Unknown, Adopted Grandfather-Albert Gildencoven (Deceased)

Appearance: This Hume woman keeps her black hair cut short and her eyes almost always hold a "sparkle" of mischeif. She is seldom seen without a hat or a gun by her side. She has been described as "cute and pretty" though this may be more owing to her personality than any great beauty.

Character Sheet:
Crystarella- High Seas Free Spirit


To: Sfant Umbra

Hey there,

Well I'm writin' 'cuz I heard 'bout ya folks an' seein' as I got me a ship an' a right good shipin' business I thought we might work tagetha. 'sides my ship I'm a real good shot an' ain't too bad in a fight. Thought we could talk 'bout it ova some drinks sometime. 'Jus let me know.


Crystarella Gildencoven
Capt. Lady's Gamble
Lucky Shipping Company
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A Letter From Crystarella Gildencoven
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