Sfant Umbra began as a secret mercenary business within the depths of the Aht Urhgan Empire. With the rise and fall of business it slowly faded from memory. That is, until a descendant of the creator happened across some old parchments one day...
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 Nannette Morgoth- Singer of a Gentle Song

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PostSubject: Nannette Morgoth- Singer of a Gentle Song   Sun May 31, 2009 2:09 am

Screen Name: Nikkita
Character Name: Nannette Morgoth
Gender: Female
Race: Hume
Age: 20
Main Job: White Mage (will be Bard)
Subjob: Black Mage (will be White Mage)
Other Jobs: None
Birthplace: Bastok
Residence: San d' Oria
Family: Husband- Seigfreid Morgoth, Daughter- Maria Morgoth, Sister-In-Law- Rae Morgoth, Twin Sister- Nikkita D' Noir

Appearance: This blonde hume woman of average height is never seen in public without a blindfold across her eyes and a brace on her right leg. She is in the custom of wearing her hair up in a ponytail and sometimes a hood, though since she has made strides in confidence she is less likely to cover up like she did in the past. Though she needs to use her staff to support herself when walking, or if she's been standing for a long period of time she is rarely heard to complain. Her soft-spoken, respectful speech well demonstrates her kind, sweet and gentle nature and when she sings her lilting soprano rarely fails to enchant. At the time of her joining she is 4 months pregnant and beginning to show.

It someone was to see beneath her blindfold the reason would be clear. The skin around both of them is badly burned. Her right eye is so badly burned the eyelid is missing leaving a dead, open staring dead white eye. Her left eye can close but is glassy and staring only hinting of the brilliant blue it once was. She also hides, beneath her clothes, burning and scaring on her right side and leg.

Personality: Exceedingly kind, loving and gentle Nan will go out of her way for other's needs and comfort. Nannette is shy and soft spoken but is friendly once she is comfortable around someone. She respects others and generally puts others above herself. She struggles in believing in her abilities due to her family's criticism when growing up. When she is with her husband Seigfreid she behaves like a more confident and open woman to a very noticeable degree.


Nannette grew up with her twin in a loving household with working parents both in trade. Despite being identical in appearance to her sister Nikkita they couldn’t have been more different. While Nan was friendly and found an early love of music Nikki found an early talent in black magic. When Nikki unconsciously set her mother's skirt on fire with Black Mage she was fastinated by the flames and oblivious to her mother’s distress and seemed not to care about the injuries while Nan was horrified.

Nikki, though put into training with a mage immediately after the incident, continued setting fires she claimed were accidental but Nan suspected they were not. Nikki didn’t like her prying but finally confessed to her sister who begged her not to continue. When Nan brought this forth to their parents Nikki convinced them Nan was lying. This incident, and Nannette catching Nikkita setting the neighbor’s pet lizard on fire after it got into their house, drove a wedge between them.

All this seemed to go away after Nannette was injured in a horrible accident. Though Nan had no memory of the accident but a vague one Nikki explained a lightning bolt from the rogue storm that went through the area that day struck the girl and sent over the edge of the cliff into a pit starting a fire. Nan survived though by the time Nikki brought help she was close to death. Her face and eyes were damaged making her blind and her hip was broken so badly it left her with an unsteady gait. Nikki became her sister’s nursemaid and champion and the two were inseparable.

When the girls were 18 their parents died in a fire. Nikki brought Nan to Windurst so they could get a fresh start and it was easier to study the ancient magic she was researching there. Nan was often left alone when Nikki went off to do her research so she began entertaining herself going to the docks to listen to the airships or to Timbers Tavern to listen to the Bards.

One day while carrying parcels on a shopping trip some taru children tripped her up and scattering her parcels. An elvaan man named Seigfreid saw and helped her pick them up when she asked until her sister arrived. A couple of days later she ran into him (literally) at the airship dock and they ended up talking at Timbers Tavern. A friendship ensued that developed into a relationship. Much to Nan's distress Nikki was not happy with this development and Seigfreid showed a strong dislike of her sister. Despite this they soon were married.

Despite Siegfried’s mistrust of Nikki Nan refused to see the worst. Her illusions came crashing down however when Nikkita attacked her. Nikki revealed it hadn't been an accident that had injured her as children but a failed attempt to kill her. Fortunately Seigfreid returned home before Nikkita could kill her, though her leg was badly maimed and now requires a brace to support weight.

Now Nannette is happy to have started a family but apprehensive knowing her sister is still out there somewhere wishing her harm.
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Nannette Morgoth- Singer of a Gentle Song
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