Sfant Umbra began as a secret mercenary business within the depths of the Aht Urhgan Empire. With the rise and fall of business it slowly faded from memory. That is, until a descendant of the creator happened across some old parchments one day...
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 Seigfreid Morgoth - Dark Knight of San d'Oria

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PostSubject: Seigfreid Morgoth - Dark Knight of San d'Oria   Sun May 31, 2009 1:51 am

Screen Name: Seigfreid
Character Name: Seigfreid Morgoth
Gender: Male
Race: Elvaan
Age: 25
Main Job: Dark Knight
Subjob: Warrior
Other Jobs: Thief, Monk, Paladin
Birthplace: San d'Oria
Residence: San d'Oria
Family: Sigmund Morgoth (deceased), Mother: Maria Morgoth (deceased), Eldest brother: Chronos Morgoth (deceased), 5 other brothers and sisters all deceased, Rae Morgoth (twin sister/alive), Wife: Nannette Morgoth, unborn child, Nikkita D'Noir (sister in-law)

Appearance: Seigfreid is a tall stature Elvaan with shoulder length silver colored hair and emerald green eyes that stand out in low light. His skin is a naturally tan color that has been deepened from exposure to the elements and almost reflects the dark nature of his profession. There is a a straight, red scar along his cheek that appears to go all the way from the tip of his lip to the start of his ear (until closer inspection).

Personality: Seigfreid is known for being a quiet and dark person who holds a lot of tragedy and hardships in his life. He always gives off an intimidating aura, even when he knows he is out of his league in a fight. Those who try to provoke him rarely manage to scare him away, and only succeed in irritating him. Continued provoking will cause him to lash out, uncontrollable depending on the situation.
siegfried_morgoth: Such situations including insulting his dead family, underestimating him, threating his loved ones, etc. Around those he loves or cares about, he can be very protective of them, to the point of throwing himself in front of a killing blow to keep them safe; partly due to his child hood Paladin training. Whenever Seigfreid is addressing, or standing with his wife Nannette, his personality can suddenly shift from the cold, dark shell of a man, to one that is soft and loving.

History: Seigfreid's life of tragedy began once his training as a Paladin did at the age of 8. While his older brothers excelled at all aspects of their training, Seigfreid's only strength seemed to show during his sword play. His skill at white magic, with a shield, shielding others, all seemed to be far below par, and gained him great ridicule from his father; who always called him weak and worthless to the family. During the Crystal War, when Orcs in Ghelsba were preparing to attack San d'Oria, the Morgoth family were sent out by the kingdom to intercept and kill them before they reach the city. Seigfreid is left behind by the family due to his lack of skills, but soon learns that the entire family is killed, when their burnt bodies are catapulted back into the city; minus his mother and sisters.

Filled with intense rage at the thought of being the last, and weak, survivor of his family, he dons his sword and shield and manages to take the Orcs by surprise, killing the whole regiment; not without suffering his own injuries.

Fast forward 12 years, Seigfreid had been found, healed, and taught the ways of a Dark Knight by Zied and was sent back into the world. Always thinking he had avenged his families death, he joined various groups of mercenaries to help protect innocent people from the same fate. During his times with a group known as Gauntlet, he fell in love with a Mithran woman, and discovered his twin sister was alive, only for them to be kidnapped by his also living elder brother, Chronos. He was sent out to find their fathers sword, which was dubbed the Forcebringer and considered a sister sword of the Lightbringer, and exchange it for their lives.

Upon finding the sword, in pieces, he had it reforged into a Great Sword and arrived at the specified location, hoping to fight his brother for them instead. During the fight, he learned his brother was actually a traitor during the war, and was the one leading the Orcs that killed the family. After killing his brother and returning home, the Mithran woman was killed by an assassin, adding to Seigfreid's tragic life.

Fast forward another 5 years, Seigfreid is once again alone, and a cold individual who still tries to protect innocent people from suffering his own fate. That was until the day he came across a blind Hume woman by the name of Nannette. What started as her accidentally bumping into him, slowly became a full relationship, much to the dislike of her sister, Nikkita. It wasn't long until he asked her to marry him, and the marriage itself came not so long after asking. Everything was better than ever in his life now; then one day, while he was away training, her sister stopped by and attempted to kill her. He got home in time to stop her, but Nannette was left with burns, and a badly cut leg that needed a brace to continue working. She is now four months pregnant, causing Seigfreid to become even more protective of her, to the point of not wanting to leave her side.
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Seigfreid Morgoth - Dark Knight of San d'Oria
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