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 Whiteout Review

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Sfant Umbran Movie Reviewer
Sfant Umbran Movie Reviewer

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PostSubject: Whiteout Review   Fri Nov 20, 2009 1:08 am


Back in 1998, a four volume comic was made by Oni Press about a U.S. Marshal who is stationed in Antarctica and must investigate a series of murders that has started to happen, a crime practically non-existent in the frozen wasteland. Even back in 2000, the mini-series was still being nominated for various awards, so despite it still being massively unknown to a majority of comic readers, it was still enough for Hollywood to pick up the rights. How does the movie fare?

Even if you have not heard of the comic, the film is not hard at all to get into, as the plot is just nothing more than murder in Antarctica. The movie is classified as a suspense thriller, which is pushing it a bit, as there is only very little times you are actually on the edge of your seat. Needless to say though, that doesn't make it a bad movie, with some exceptions.

We'll go ahead and bring the cat out of the bag, the plot is as predicable as the overall plot line of the new Star Wars trilogy. You will find yourself all ready guessing who the real master mind probably half to three-fourths of the way in, and it causes the movie to become stale fast. Perhaps the only redeemable factor is perhaps the originality of the location of the movie. Antarctica is a place hardly ever used so seeing it is a plus.

Kate Beckinsale also makes the movie worth watching, but truly, other than those two reasons, Whiteout is a passable film. The action is crummy, and made even harder to watch whenever they're out in the snow, the plot is predicable, Kate is perhaps the only good (and recognized) actor in the whole movie, and the ending is overly cliched. Final verdict, pass up the movie, or watch it if you feel bored.
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Whiteout Review
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