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 I Love You Man

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Sfant Umbran Movie Reviewer
Sfant Umbran Movie Reviewer

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PostSubject: I Love You Man   Mon Oct 26, 2009 7:32 pm

I Love You Man

I Love You, Man, is a comedy film that show cases the awkwardness a grown man would have in finding a "guy-friend". It is perhaps the most cliche form of a comedy plot, yet when pulled off the correct way, has major possibilities; and this movie does it all correctly.

Here we have Peter Klaven (Paul Rudd), who is a real estate salesman that is described (by his parents) to be a "girlfriend guy." As in any male friends he had while growing up did not last long as he always liked being around his girlfriends more. So when he finally becomes engaged to Zooey Rice (Rashida Jones), he realizes he has no friends to be a Best-man at the wedding. So he has until the wedding to get one, and the fun begins.

The plot of the movie is very funny, but the humor only picks up more when we are introduced to Sydney Fife (Jason Segel); while Peter is trying to host an open house of Lou Ferrigno's home; and the two hit it off instantly. The chemistry between these two actors are what truly drives the film. Jason Segel plays a perfect kind of guy that refuses to act his age; always neglecting to pick up after his dog, hiding out in his "man cave" and has the kind of job that lets him spend most of his time home. He is even crazy enough to pick a fight with Lou, by calling him Hulk continuously (Lou has become such an ass about that now-a-days).

If you are into the kind of comedy that includes all kinds of awkward situations, especially involving a guy trying to find a "guy-friend", this is defiantly the movie for you. Nothing about the plot is truly outlandish, or beyond reality (such as Dumb and Dumber, or Chris Farrely movies), it is actually something that seems very real and you can not help but think it could actually happen almost scene by scene (considering you live in L.A. and try to help sell the Hulk's house).

So check this movie out if you have not yet. I guarantee you will love it.
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I Love You Man
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