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 PS2... How much is it worth?

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Igienic Preot
Igienic Preot

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PostSubject: PS2... How much is it worth?   Mon Oct 19, 2009 1:40 am

Now that I've got my PS3 and FFXI installed on that it's time to say goodbye to my PS2. From the looks of it the PS2 version of FFXI (HDD included.) are pretty rare now so I can rack up some decent cash for the drive alone on eBay. However I'm looking to combine all my old PS2 gear (Excluding games.) for a sale probably on eBay. But my roomie's insistent that I sell the system to him as he wants it for a backup. But to ensure I get a decent deal I wanna ask what you think it's worth:

1x Fat PS2 5001 series (Power cord + A\V cables)
1x Official PS2 HDD drive (With FFXI + All Expansions Installed)
1x Official PS2 Ethernet Adapter
1x PS2 Magicgate Memory Card (Sony brand)
1x PS2 Official Controller

If I sell it on eBay I'll install a fresh copy of FFXI with all the current expansions installed but will require updating with the user's account. But there are a few notes to make about the condition of the PS2.It has a few scuffs and scratches on the body but those are covered with decals which can be easily removed. The top has several deep scratches near the bottom but that's covered by the decals. The drive tray is broken requiring the user to manually close the drive. But this is easily replaced as only the tray is broken, the loading mechanisms work fine. Alternative is to set the PS2 on its side in which the tray will close by itself then. The laser disc appears to have no issues as this system was used primarily for FFXI. Due to some defect, the Analog light on the PS2 controller doesn't light up but otherwise works fine. Apart from the PS2 HDD utility disc (If I can find where I put it again.) no other software discs will be included.

I've thought about it and figured I might be able to ask for between 60-70 bucks for it on eBay just for the reason it has everything required to play FFXI. Seeing as my roomie wants it I thought maybe 60 bucks. He's already got a PS2 as it is but I guess his laser is just about history now as it has trouble playing games anymore. So whaddya think... what is a fair asking price for this thing?
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PS2... How much is it worth?
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