Sfant Umbra began as a secret mercenary business within the depths of the Aht Urhgan Empire. With the rise and fall of business it slowly faded from memory. That is, until a descendant of the creator happened across some old parchments one day...
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 Other Professions- The Infinite RP Possibilties

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PostSubject: Other Professions- The Infinite RP Possibilties   Tue May 26, 2009 9:29 pm

Usually when RPing when someone asks you "What do you do?" most often the answer that comes to mind is your job. That's not really accurate though, in terms of game story. What do I mean?

Besides the jobs provided to us by SE every player who enter the game is given a profession, that of a noble Adventurer. This is shown to be a separate class of person from the NPC townspeople you see running around. Adventuring is how you supposedly make your way in the world of Vana'diel, make your money and the necessities of life. You might be a Dark Knight, but you wield your mighty scythe on tasks given to you as an Adventurer.

This fact brings to mind some questions though. How can realizing this fact improve your RP? Do I really have to be an Adventurer?

The Adventurer

The Adventurer is working for their starting Nation's government since the government subsidizes them. They get the perks of a free Mog House with a Moogle to keep house for them. They get sent out on Missions for the Nation or solicited for quests and are rewarded with money, services or items.

Now does it mean that because of game mechanics you have to be an Adventurer? No... though you are leveling a White Mage and doing Missions for Windurst you can use your imagination to roleplay. Here are some ideas for you to mull over.

The Common Man (and Woman)

This section is copied with permission from the original post in Gauntlet forums by Caith.

With the constant hustle and bustle of Adventurers running to and fro, its always easy to not pay any heed to the people around you. Most Adventurers have little need to take notice of the common person unless they are currently a client for one of many quests and missions Adventurers receive in their careers. Really though, the person who sells you groceries, and the Mithra who takes your parcels to Mog Houses isn't all that different from you, they have all the same needs as you: a roof over their head, and a meal in their stomach at night. A way to pass the time doesn't hurt either. Below are the biggest concerns a commoner deals with during day to day life.

Housing - Your average Joe Hume, and Mary Mithra live in the residential districts of a city. In smaller towns such as Selbina and Mhaura typically a person rents their room for extended periods of time. A home and its property is usually kept within the family. A parent passes its land to its children, and in the event of someone's passing without an heir, usually the property is seized by the deceased's Nation and converted into a Mog House or a Rent-A-Room depending on current needs and trends. On occasion a craftsman or person who has performed an exceptional service to their city can buy or earn their way out of the residential area into one of the homes within a district, this is always considered prime real estate and is coveted amongst all commoners, especially craftsmen. One thing that should be noted is that the Mog House Moggles Union does not provide workers to a commoners dwelling. The M.H.M.U. despite all outward appearances does not have an infinite supply of Moogles trained for service, and generally is only assigned to adventurers. However it is not uncommon for a Moogle to leave the Union to stay in the service of an ex-adventurer or their families.

Food - Meal time is a bit of a problem in all the nations, but more so in Bastok. The Great War of twenty years ago and the fact that continued skirmishes with the beastmen persist means that very little land outside the city walls can be effectively farmed and cultivated for pasture land. While Windurst used to be a large supplier of crops to all nations of the world, the decline of Sarutabaruta has put a strain on their own food reserves leaving very little to send out to their three allied nations. On top of this Beastmen and poor hunting practices have brought many game animals to the brink of extinction leaving them as a poor source for food as well. Most commoners use the food they have to their best advantage developing meals that require few ingredients yet remain filling, they also make use of spices that can be grown indoors. Gardening in flower pots is the most common method of obtaining produce, and is a practice that was picked up by Adventurers. However its unlikely that you'd find a crystal used for fertilization in a commoner's home. Fishing is quite popular amongst common folk, given that it can be a nice way to relax and will provide meat on the table breaking the tedium of Baked Popotos and Pebble Soup.

Entertainment - Even though the M.H.M.U. does not provide a Moogle to every home in Vana'diel they do invite every home to participate in the annual festivals and celebrations they hold. Commoners are the victim of routine and they look forward to these events with great anticipation on their calendars. While most common folk can't participate in some of the more extravagant tasks the Moogles set aside for adventurers they can, and often do participate in the events that don't require them to leave the city. When the Moogles aren't in town most common folk pass the time by playing simple games, or gambling.

Religion - Religion plays a larger factor in common life than it does in an adventuring one. Services are often a time to get together and socialize as well as pay homage to their patrons. The Altanan Faith is the most popular amongst commoners but really only has a strong presence in the Kingdom of San d'Oria, and before the Great War, The Marquisate of Tavnazia. Most of Bastok's citizens find religion to be to impractical, and the Federation still has a large population of its citizens paying respect to the beings known as Avatars. However members of the Altanan Church sees such practices as heresy and does what it can to correct any infidels they come across. When circumstances allow many Altanans may make a pilgrimage to San d'Oria or Jeuno to pray at the Cathedrals there.

Politics - A commoners interest of internal policy depends largely on how largely their contribution can effect it. For example, a San d'Orian may take very little interest of what's going on inside the walls, finding it easier to go with the flow rather than bring about revolution for change. While a Bastoker may take an active interest in what their officials are doing as they have the ability to vote for change. All commoners on Quon and Mindartia take notice though when the Conference of Nations is held as this usually brings about changes that have an impact on all four countries.

Travel - Most commoners don't want to step outside the city gates these days. Beastmen and monsters are always lurking near the walls and then there's all the paperwork and ceremony a commoner has to do for going out past the checkpoint. Its for this reason that many commoners find it easier to offer jobs to the people who have easy access to and from town. Craftsmen who need outside the walls normally can get a permit without to much hassle, however someone who wants to go outside for a walk will often be denied for their own safety. So far, no one besides Adventurers and members of a societies elite (High Engineer Cid, Curilla, Shantoto for example) are able to acquire Chocobo Licenses or Airship Passes.

Work - Commoners by and large make up the mundane workforce within a city. They are the laborers, dockworkers, carpenters, bureaucrats, notaries, clergy, physicians, barristers (lawyers), chroniclers (news reporters), and tradesmen in a city. While Adventurers have most definitely entered into the economy through the art of crystal synthesis, it is the common man that makes objects most adventurers wouldn't: nails, wagon wheels, silverware, cups, and most other mundane objects are manufactured by commoners. Armor, Weapons, Medicines, and Magical Furniture have had their markets cornered by adventurers. While a commoner may not be able to wield a sword to bring about an Orc's end, they do take pride in the fact they keep society moving smoothly and some take great offense when an established Adventurer performs simple work a commoner could be doing instead.

Medicine - White magic is not a cure all, and the common person knows this. They have no misgivings about the miracle and power of White Magic, but most spells of the school are designed to deal with physical trauma, and has very little means of dealing with progressive diseases such as Davoi Fever. Most commoners go to a physician for diagnosis and long term care, not a White Mage. However most physicians are passable White Mages generally able to tackle any medical problem they come across within their means.

Crime - Commoners always have rumors about famous criminals and organizations but very little real facts. However many of them see groups such as the Tenshodo and Brugaire Consortium as a means to get the aid it could take months for through proper channels, though this usually comes with a very heavy price. The issue of bringing a criminal to justice and how that person is punished varies largely from nation to nation. Though many commoners find the punishments far outweigh the crimes and thus keep their noses clean.

Education - By and large the Nations do not have formal education programs for the children of their citizens. Windurst is the only nation that does have a formal educational program for its children focusing on magic. In most of the other nations children are either instructed by their parents, or a paid tutor. Most commoner children will never get serious training with weapons and spells but may learn a thing or two for protecting their own skins.

As you can see a common trader, tutor or even an official or criminal might make and interesting character. The following are some tips on using this information in RPing.

Tips- What Can You Become?

A common Thief could become a Tenshodo chapter leader, a smuggler, a pilfering pirate, a sly and cunning conman, or a pickpocket. Let's say politics and public affairs interest you, describe yourself as a public official, even a politician. Try running your own store and become a grocer, armorer, weaponsmith, or an inn keeper. Interested in music? How about becoming a bard working for a tavern with a regular gig, a wandering minstrel, an aspiring composer. Or if a Dancer have regular street performances, or even travel with a group such as Troupe Valeriano!

As you can see the possibilities are endless so be creative.
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Other Professions- The Infinite RP Possibilties
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