Sfant Umbra began as a secret mercenary business within the depths of the Aht Urhgan Empire. With the rise and fall of business it slowly faded from memory. That is, until a descendant of the creator happened across some old parchments one day...
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 Sair's Worn Leather Journal

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PostSubject: Sair's Worn Leather Journal   Thu Oct 15, 2009 2:16 am

Last Updated: 10/14/2009

*resting in the Gammonari residence sits a lone leather journal that's seen many years of use. While faded, the letters "S.G." grace the cover etched in a golden font. Its owner uses the journal to keep notes on those he's met within his lifetime.*

[How it works - I've split this into three categories, Sfant Umbra Allies (Friend), Sfant Umbra Adversaries (Enemy), and Individual Encounters (NPC/Story/Other). At times I may move an ally to adversary depending on their relationship to Sair and/or Sfant Umbra in general.]

I. Sfant Umbra Allies (Friends or acquaintances of Sfant Umbra.)

Akash Sal'tari
A hume male I find very foolish. It's been many a day since I heard from this individual last but he seemed attracted to Nikkita. I only pray he hasn't become her next victim.

Ashtari Wahcandalo
It came as bit of a shock to find a Mithran Cheiftainness had taken up employment with Sfant Umbra. Ashtari is a kind soul I find relaxing to talk with. Then again growing up around the Mithran race I find myself preferring their company to my own. Regardless, I hope we can become strong allies. Like I have, she too has lost someone she cared for deeply.

Armonde Daitreo
I have not had the honor of meeting this person but Sfant Umbra records report he may be Tsumi's son.

Crystarella Gildencoven
Flirtatious, that's the first word that comes to mind to describe her. Awhile back I said something that gave her a sour impression of me. In a means to apologize and show her I meant no wrong I wore my gilet to a meeting with her. It's definitely not something I prefer to do and clearly she saw through my ruse. However we're at least on even terms once more. Crysta as she prefers to be called, told me she grew up in San d'Oria with a thief of sorts whom adopted her from the cathedral as a baby.

Drahcir R Corbeaubois
I find this Elvaan man a little curious personally... He always wears an eyepatch and has a long relationship (Appears to be just friendly terms.) with Crysta. Like her he too owns a ship dealing in trading.

Drusenija Ravenfall
I've only spoken to her once but I think Miss Ravenfall and myself indeed could become good friends. Out of all the mercenaries under Sfant Umbra's banner, I've found this one to be quite formal and polite, a rare commodity amongst this group. She and another member named Niami share a friendship it appears.

Of information I've gathered, he's a samurai. Without even knowing her he thinks he has Nikkita all sized up. On top of that he appears to be the type quick to throw their own life away and for nothing if it means to please the company. But I guess this is the type of loyalty Tsumi or Nesirae might be looking for.

Hellequin Sangeros
No data has been collected on this individual as of yet.

Kevel D'larrey
My encounter with him was only brief but it's been awhile since I last heard from him.

Lilulu Wabin-Tabin
Related to Robin, Miss Lilulu I gather is a performer. She's quite cheerful and full of energy which at times can be a nice change of pace within this group.

Maijen Gravir
I've been only able to collect little data on this individual, more will be added as time passes.

Other than records within Sfant Umbra I know little of him.

Nannette Morgoth
Sister of Nikkita, wife of Seigfreid. During my first encounter with Nannette I mistook her for her twin sister. She is a soft-spoken individual blinded and crippled by her own flesh and blood in an attempt to kill her. After carrying a child she's given birth to a wonderful baby girl. During a recent discussion with Nannette she may have given me a clue as to how to stop Nikkita.

Leader of Sfant Umbra. If there's anyone that I find more mysterious it's Nesirae. Originating from the Near East he nearly was Nikkita's first victim within Sfant Umbra. After poisoning him she tried to kill him until I intervened. At times I question as to why I took service under him but I guess it was to help others... That's what mercenaries do after all.

Niami Amarida
A fiesty feline with snow white hair. Niami has possibly more wordly knowledge than you would find in most working for this company. She has a strong connection with Miss Ravenfall dating back many years apparently.

Seigfreid Morgoth
Husband of Nannette. While I study the light arts, this Elvaan man studies the dark arts taking up the scythe as a Dark Knight. He believes Nikkita must die but I believe there's a way that doesn't involve her death. Other than this, we're on even terms I believe.

Sir Robin Wabin-Tabin
I know little about Robin except he's taken up summoning like I have. A mission in the Federation of Windurst has him studying the Protocrystals. I hope he finds what he's looking for.

Striking Snake
No data has been collected but records state he's a Galka.

Tetsuo Shingen
A self-proclaimed warrior, Tetsuo goes by the name "Demon of the Near East". I question his loyalty at times, would he so easily turn upon us just for the right price? What's worse is he put his own needs ahead of everything else and let Nikkita escape from captivity just to take a shot at killing her. Tetsuo even pledged allegiance to her for a short time. He claims it was to protect us yet that doesn't seem like the case anymore. For reasons beyond my understanding both Tsumi and Nesirae decide to keep him employed with us but one thing's clear, he's not to be trusted.

A former and now Ex-Immortal, Tsumi rose in the ranks quickly to become stand-in leader during Nesirae's absence. And just like him, she harbors her own share of secrets. She originates from the Near East and I've heard another Ex-Immortal refer to her as Omaria. I'm uncertain as to what this means other than it may be a nickname she went by in the Aht Urhgan tounge. If it's one thing I can say, Tsumi and I definitely have different views. And while I ponder if I really wish to delve deeper, I'm suspicious if she may have dealings with shadier jobs employed to Sfant Umbra.

Valenne Leremieu
I've yet to see her profile at headquarters yet recently met her during a discussion about Nikkita and the problems at hand. All I can note her is a friend of her's seems to know something about the black magicite Nikkita's after.

Valris Odessa
My own cousin, related by fathers. Much as I love and care about her, I'm afraid to admit that Valris can be too timid for her own good. She's a fierce fighter, but harbors an overwhelming fear of Galka. I know it's due to her childhood but it really hinders her potential as a person and as a mercenary. For now all I can do is offer my support and try to help her overcome this timid nature.

Veraude L Nouveau
Veraude is the most curious person I've ran into yet. He and Tsumi once knew each other and there appears to be some old rivalry between him and Tetsuo. But what irritates me the most is how superior he acts. One chat with Nikkita and he's got her all figured out or at least he says. My encounters with her are limited but I wonder if Veraude may be over his head if they were to meet face-to-face...

Wolfandre de Rusar
No data has been collected for this individual. All I can document here is he's a puppetmaster.

Zyth Elerenz
A Samurai. This is all his records say at headquarters.

II. Sfant Umbra Adversaries (Enemies or foes of Sfant Umbra.)

Nikkita D' Noir
A twisted woman who enjoys killing. Twin sister of Nannette, she tried to murder her own flesh and blood. She's targeted many of those working for Sfant Umbra including our leader Nesirae. Apparently, she's a descendant of the Dark Lilies, a band of witches from old. Our recent research shows she's after a piece of Magicite from the northernlands. Theories may be that she thinks she can become like her ancestors with it. As of right now an investigation and hunt to arrest D' Noir has been issued by Sfant Umbra by request of the allied nations.

*a little note is scribbled here*

After my talk with Nannette I began to wonder if we're looking at how to face her the wrong way. Looking at her abilities and what research I've done I think I have found something. If my theories are correct then her Achilles’ heel is- *the remainder of the page has been torn off*

III. Individual Encounters (Non-player or story-related individuals.)

Sairan Gammonari
It is my belief that nobody has the right to take the life of another be it beastman or person. I find myself questioning this vow at times but it's an oath I made upon myself, in her memory... I study both white arts and summoning magic both to protect those who cannot. To this day I've never killed and I intend I never will. Unfortunately it makes it hard to coexist with others who think of life as a meaningless trinket so easily extinguished and thrown away...

Nihcolo Gishaborah
Few know of her, but I once had a fiancee in my life. Nihcolo and I met when I saved her from being killed by beastmen. We grew close and were to marry until a surprise attack from the beastmen is was did her in. To this day I miss her greatly and it's a vow to her I've learned to forgive their actions and live by the oath I carry today. I'll write what she always told me here:

"None have the right to decide the fate of another's life, only the Dawn Goddess can decide this. To pass judgment upon someone and carry out actions of murder is to claim yourself as a God, an act frowned upon by Altana Herself."

Every year I visit her burial place deep in a hidden seclusion none know of in the Elshimo jungles, it's where she was born and lived, so it seemed fitting to return her there.

Finala & Rowan Gammonari
As much as I love my parents they humiliate me to no end. Both care for my greatly but it gets embarrassing when they start asking every girl they see me with if we're getting married soon or if we've had sex yet to have children. My father tends to be a little dense I must admit, and my mother doesn't know the meaning of discreet. But overall, I must give them thanks for giving me life...
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Sair's Worn Leather Journal
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