Sfant Umbra began as a secret mercenary business within the depths of the Aht Urhgan Empire. With the rise and fall of business it slowly faded from memory. That is, until a descendant of the creator happened across some old parchments one day...
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 Information on Magic

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PostSubject: Information on Magic   Tue May 26, 2009 7:18 pm

What is Magic?

The following is from an original post by SamusKnight2k transported with permission.

After completing the quest "Glyph Hanger" in Windurst, I came across this little bit of info from Hariga-Origa:

"Heretofore, the source of magick was primarily the extrinsic energies that fill terra and caelum. The Tarutaru had analyzed that extrinsic energy, classifying it into eight elements. These elements give birth to magick that resides in the soul to be woven into spells both sanative (healing) and hostile. However after many long years of study, the existence of a converse of extrinsic energy, intrinsic energy from the soul itself, was discovered."

Hariga-Origa also mentions Magic from the heart that uses the soul's energy is what gave birth to magic dolls and automaton guards of Windurst. Don't know if any of this is use to any of you out there but the above explains what magic(k) really is in Vana'diel's terms...

The definition of magic as found in FFXI Wiki:

Magic is a type of energy that can harness the elemental properties of Vana'diel. People who do so are known as mages. Magic has a varitey of effects that can be brought forth to Protect, Heal, or attack a target with such spells as Stone or Banish.

Origin of Magic

It seems elemental energies were present in Vana' diel itself upon its creation and magic is the ability to tap into them.


Magic was introduced to the 5 races through the Tarutaru. The first Star Sybil evidently learned of magic through ancient ruins in Sarutabaruta and taught her people. Later that knowledge was shared when they were conquered by the Elvaan and from there the knowledge spread to all peoples, including beastmen.

How Is It Learned?

Magic is learned in one of three ways.

The most common way is by learning an enchantation written on a scroll which calls on the ability. Anyone can learn a spell with practice and once it is commited to memory they can call on it anywhere and at any time. The spell must be practiced to ensure accuracy and effectiveness.

The second way is far less common and that is that some people seem to be born with the ability to unconsciously tap into the elements. Very few cases of this occurring have been recorded but among those listed as having done this are Wundurstian Founder The Star Sybil Takuku and the Witches of the Dark Lillies. When the power is dicovered it is uncontrolled, wild and often powerful but with practice it also can be controlled. This only seems to happen specifically with Black Magic.

The third way is through the Alchemist of the East, a magic exclusively used by Blue Mages. By transplanting the essence of a beast's soul it enables the mage to absorb the souls of beasts and learn their abilities.

Different Kinds of Magic

There are multiple types of magic:

White magic focuses on healing wounds and primarily on tapping into the Light element. It also can enhance skills or protect the weilder or their allies.

Devine magic also taps into the Light element but it is used to damage or enfeeble a target.

Black Magic which deals elemental damage and enfeebles an enemy.

Red Magic utilizes spells that let you enchant your armor and weapons with the elements or strengthen abilities toward enemies.

Weather Magic taps into the elements in the weather to create effects.

Summoning Magic allows one to commune with the avatars and elemental spirits of Vana'diel.

Different vehicles for magic:

Spells are spells that are activated by the spoken word generally accompanied by gestures.

Scrolls are written on paper which are activated by reading them allowed and using items. These are used by Ninja.

Runes or symbols written on the ground summon avataars.

Songs whose melodies which are immubed with magical forces, whether the bard is using their voice or instruments, can enhance allies and enfeeble enemies.

Dances whose steps call forth spells.

Beast Magic which uses the abilities of beasts.

Generally the user focus on one kind of magic and vehicle, possibly using some other kinds of magic to a limited basis. A very few of the heroic NPCs can use 3 different kinds at full strength.


FFXI Wiki: Magic
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Information on Magic
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