Sfant Umbra began as a secret mercenary business within the depths of the Aht Urhgan Empire. With the rise and fall of business it slowly faded from memory. That is, until a descendant of the creator happened across some old parchments one day...
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 Rise of a Witch? RP Log # 1

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Omaria Emir (Comandant Rosu)
Omaria Emir (Comandant Rosu)

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PostSubject: Rise of a Witch? RP Log # 1   Mon Oct 05, 2009 1:04 am

Setting: Tsumi walks into the Sfant Umbra in a beak jerkin and wearing a veiled Jaridah Khud. She removes it as she enters finding Veraude, Fuunashi, Valenne and Tetsuo all waiting. There are a few greetings.

Veraude: So what information do you have?

Tsumi: I’m not the one with information you all are. From what I understand several of you received packages and Valenne has some information. We are here to put it all together. I know of at least 3 packages and need to find out if there were more. I know of Sairan, Nesirae and Seigfreid receiving them.

Valenne: Packages?

Darksamurai: Letters with body parts in them. I fed the eye I got to some beasts.

Veraude tosses a tongue at Tsumi.

Valenne looks horrified.

Veraude: Someone you know? I thought it might be someone from the Sfant Umbra.

Tsumi: I don’t but Valenne does.

Valenne: I can’t be sure but it could be a coincidence what parts….

Seigfreid: I got a finger

Tsumi: Nesirae an ear and Sairan got a nose.

Valenne cringed.

Valenne: He was a noble knight…

Tsumi: Tell me what you know.

Valenne: There is the condition of the body and a witness. An old woman babbling about seeing a ghost. A woman. She claimed it to be one of the Dark Lillies.

Darksamurai: Wouldn’t surprise me because she wants to be like Maryse only not the puppet to the Shadow Lord part. Could be mistaken accept she dresses more scantily than any of the Lillies did.

Tsumi: Nikkita’s letter to Nesirae mentioned finding someone to go up to Bearclaw Pinnacle and obtaining Black Magicite. She said Goblin’s had it and she wants it. Could your friend have made the trip there Valenne?

Valenne : He had not completely disappeared. I saw him only recently. He can't have traveled a great distance, but with the assistance of a powerful black mage... who can say? She seems a master of illusion and quite elusive herself...

Seigfreid : She's not really that powerful of a black mage yet.

Darksamurai : You know what she wants, and places she might be heading to.

Tsumi : Yes if we can trace her it will be no problem to kill her.

Valenne : Samurai. It seems you hold a measure of her trust.

Darksamurai : Heh. Nope. Just me and her have a lot in common. And we both shared a bit of our past with one another. So I know more about her than any of you... well besides her sister.

Tsumi : Tetsuo your oogling her breasts doesn't count for knowing her I think.

Darksamurai : Ha. Real funny Tsumi. I have trapped her once and almost a second time.

Valenne : You're an unsavory sort, Samurai. Simply arranging pursuit seems... unfeasible...

Tsumi : She wants to be chased though Valenne.

Valenne : It's a game she has seemingly mastered...

Veraude : If she makes another appearance on the shell, I can incapacitate her again.

Seigfreid : I'm afraid there's not a lot of information Nannette could offer. She did not even know Nikkita was a killer until she attacked her.

Tsumi : I still think Nannette might know things about her which might help. Perhaps weakness observed over time?

Seigfreid : Would be hard for her to notice any weaknesses...Nan's been blind since childhood.

Darksamurai : Nikki wants power, it is all she wants.

Veraude : I've noticed some weaknesses.

Tsumi : I think it’s clear San d'Oria of the present and past will e the best place to start. ::To Veraude :: What weaknesses?

Veraude : She wants to be chased, and reaches out to provoke it when she isn't... It's why she bothers taunting your members over the pearl. It's why she sent the packages.

Darksamurai : It is a game.

Valenne : Yes... we can't play into her tricks...

Veraude : She will take risks to get what she wants...

Seigfreid : So if anything, Nikkita's own weakness is her love of risk.

Fuuinashi : Sir Veraude is right.

Darksamurai : A game that I am tired of.

Tsumi nods to Valenne.

Veraude : She will go to more and more extreme measures to get our attention.

Tsumi : That's why her pearl isn't removed.

Seigfreid : she was easily drawn in before, she can be drawn in again.

Veraude : As long as we chase her, based off clues she gives us, she is in control.

Darksamurai : The trap we set work perfectly the first time, but won't work another time.

Fuuinashi : So why all this useless banter? We find her, we kill her. Isn't it that simple?

Tsumi : I doubt the same approach will work.

Veraude : Your plan of playing her game is poor, Tsumi.

Darksamurai : Though I almost got her with my second trap... but like I've said my ego got the best of me.

Fuuinashi : We know where to look now thanks to sir Tetsuo.

Tsumi : I'm not planning on playing.

Veraude : Go find her then, Fuuinashi.

Tsumi : Yes go try and report anything you find.

Fuuinashi : Lend me a mercenary strong enough to lead me to her and I shall.

Darksamurai : The past is just as large as the present but it'll be a lot harder trying to look. With war consuming the land, she can hide easily.

Tsumi : Which is why we need to draw her out.

Veraude : We should be more worried about what tampering she may do, if she's using the maws.

Valenne : A murderer... wreaking havoc in Vana'diel's past... it doesn't bode well...

Darksamurai : We can rule out the places I've suggested because... it is too difficult for her to reach. So it is either through the Maws or she hiding in current Sandy. And with the Trick or Treat festival coming up, I'm sure she'll be even harder to spot.

Seigfreid : I cannot travel in the past yet. I seemed to have gotten involved in Bastok's problems then.

Tsumi : Valenne think did your friend speak of going to the North or obtaining anything?

Valenne shakes her head.

Valenne : He'd alluded to this woman... now that I recall...If she was not so skilled, they could not have ventured far...

Tsumi : If she wants Black Magicite it would have to be brought to her.

Valenne : We Knights are well-acquainted with the Northlands.

Darksamurai : Sorry little Knight but even the best of 'em can't stand for too long in Uleguerand Range. I've been there. Ain't a friendly place.

Tsumi : Valenne, do you think Your friend was skilled enough with sleath to obtain a piece?

Valenne : It is doubtful... But perhaps possible, if she works among the kindred.

Tsumi : Is there anyone he knew that could? He was targeted for a reason Valenne.

Valenne : He was a seasoned Knight. And skilled in pacifying magic. Rendering himself undetectable. A Temple Knight.

Tsumi : She must have believe him capable or have a connection that would be capable. Find that out.

Seigfreid : I may have a suggestion...but I am going to hate myself for mentioning it.

Darksamurai : Hell.... we don't even know if getting a sample of magicite will do anything. It was something I threw out there to get close enough to her.

Tsumi : It only matters if she believes it Tetsuo.

Tsumi : What Seigfreid?

Valenne nods to Seigfreid.

Seigfreid : Anyone like Nikkita has one thing they probably hate most of all; Losing their prey. There was one kill Nikkita tried that managed to get away, and we can probably use as....*sighs* Bait...

Tsumi nods to Seigfreid.

Tsumi : There's Nesirae and Tetsuo that escaped.

Seigfreid : ::Looks away as he speaks:: And my wife. Nikkita was in the middle of the kill when I came in and stopped her. So Nannette not only struggled, but was saved.

Darksamurai : I didn't escape, I just didn't fall for it like Boss did.

Tsumi : You're suggesting she'd help?

Seigfreid : Yes, I do believe she could...

Veraude : I've had enough of this... Call me when you know what you're doing. I'll kill her, since none of you had the guts last time.

Darksamurai : Heh.

Seigfreid stares at Veraude...

Seigfreid : I did, but someone let her out. Anyway...

Darksamurai : Oh boo woo. Stop crying Dark Knight.
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Omaria Emir (Comandant Rosu)
Omaria Emir (Comandant Rosu)

Posts : 470
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PostSubject: Re: Rise of a Witch? RP Log # 1   Mon Oct 05, 2009 1:30 am

Veraude leaves.

Tsumi: Shut up both of you. Unlike Veraude I like knowing what to expect and where to find my quarry before rushing off.

Valenne: I think it must have something to do with Bearclaw Pinnacle. Perhaps an expedition there. I'll get that Blue Mage to help me and any of you can come.

Tsumi: If she got your friend to get a piece for her that is uneccearry. We find the piece and she will come to us.

Valenne: I think it unlikely. I will put together a force for an expedition North.

Valenne salutes and leaves.

Darksamurai: I doubt he could;ve gotten very far.

Tsumi: Then perhaps the Imp that delivered the packages could have.

Darksamurai: If she's got an Imp working for her anything is possible. I know I saw her do dealings with the Goblins in Jueno when I was there.

Tsumi: With the information I have I think both Past and Present Sand' Oria will be the best place to start.

Sairan: Sorry I'm late and what are we looking for?

(Sair is filled in on details)

Sairan: If its alright I'll check with the Goblins in the junk shop.

Tsumi: That's fine. Also talk with Nannette the way you were going to and see if she knows anything that can help.

Sairan: Seigfreid we can go now if its convinent.

Seigfreid: That's fine. Nannette is at home after we leave here we can head there.

Darksamurai: I'll check out the Maws.

Tsumi: While you're there see if any of the Freelancing Imp Scholars are missing from there.

Darksamurai: Will do.

Seigfreid: I can't believe you're trusting him.

Tsumi: He can get information. Now if there isn't anything else you are all dismissed.

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Omaria Emir (Comandant Rosu)
Omaria Emir (Comandant Rosu)

Posts : 470
Join date : 2009-05-24

PostSubject: Re: Rise of a Witch? RP Log # 1   Mon Oct 05, 2009 1:31 am

(There was more dialogue but I filtered and posted only what needs to be known to follow the plot.

LS members who were a part of this RP can feel free to post their character's POV in a sotry)

* Edited and abridged for length*
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PostSubject: Re: Rise of a Witch? RP Log # 1   

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Rise of a Witch? RP Log # 1
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