Sfant Umbra began as a secret mercenary business within the depths of the Aht Urhgan Empire. With the rise and fall of business it slowly faded from memory. That is, until a descendant of the creator happened across some old parchments one day...
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 Nikkita D'Noir- Twisted Black Mage

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PostSubject: Nikkita D'Noir- Twisted Black Mage   Thu Sep 17, 2009 6:41 pm

I held off on posting this until we hashed everything out in the back story so now here we go.

Screen Name: Nikkita
Character Name: Nikkita D' Noir
Gender: Female
Race: Hume
Age: 20
Main Job: Black Mage
Subjob: White Mage (will be Scholar)
Other Jobs: None
Birthplace: Bastok
Residence: Unknown
Family: Twin Sister- Nannette D' Noir Morgoth, Brother-In-Law- Seigfreid Morgoth, Niece- Maria Morgoth, Sister-In-Law- Rae Morgoth

Appearance: This blonde hume woman of average height is never seen in public without a coven hat on her head. She customarily is seen in provocative clothing and with a cold but seductive smile. Attractive, with striking blue eyes, she can be very charming when needed.

Personality: Nikkita is a cold, calculating and sadistic woman. She radiates confidence and a degree of magnatism which allows her to cover over her true nature when she wishes too.


Nikkita grew up with her twin in a household with working parents both in trade. Despite being identical in appearance to her sister they couldn’t have been more different. While Nan was friendly and found an early love of music Nikki found an early talent in black magic. When Nikki unconsciously set her mother's skirt on fire with black mage unconsciously she was fastinated by the flames and oblivious to her mother’s distress and seemed not to care about the injuries while Nan was horrified. That night Nikki over heard her parents discussing the fact they were related to Maryse of the Dark Lillies and Nikkita was instantly thrilled with the idea.

Nikki, though put into training with a mage immediately after the incident, continued setting fires and toying with others. Confiding in Nan, who brought this forth to their parents, Nikki convinced them Nan was lying. This incident, and Nannette catching Nikkita setting the neighbor’s pet lizard on fire after it got into their house, drove a wedge between them.

Nikki decided she would like to try and kill something other than animals and turned her attention to Nannette. She burned Nan's face, tried to strangle her and sent her over the edge of the cliff into a pit starting a fire. After thinking she had waited long enough she got her parents. Unfortunately the search found Nan before she had died. Nan survived but with no memory of the incident so Nikki diecided to use this as an opportunity to fool her family and others as to her true nature. Nan's face and eyes were damaged making her blind and her hip was broken so badly it left her with an unsteady gait. Nikki became her sister’s nursemaid and champion and the two were inseparable. Though her Father became more critical and abusive she artfully kept herself in the good light and led him to look upon her sister as useless and weak.

Nikki realized she needed a better way to kill without detection and researched alchemy learning about poisons and potions. She also experimented with weapons and found a dagger a satisfying way to inflict pain up close and personal. Though she still loved fire she realized much more pain could be caused with a blade in combination with it on a helpless victim. She honed her technique on animals until she was satisfied. She also researched arcane matters and the Dark Lillies who her parents denied to teach her about.

When the girls were 18 she at last decided to try out her craft on those that she dispised the most for hiding her true heritage, their parents. After killing them she set fire to the house. She realized Nan still might provide a nice cover so she saved her and brought Nan to Windurst so they could get a fresh start. There it was easier to study the ancient magic she was researching there. At this time she began traveling to Bastok and San d'Oria to at put her killing skills to the test. She found the experience of torture and killing a sort of sexual high and further honed her skills finding she had, in fact, destroyed the evidence so well no one could find her. Her reasearch of spells led her to the resurrection of an old mercenary group that had a spell she desired and she joined to discover what she could.

While she did these things she left Nan by herself often and unfortunately she met an elvaan man named Seigfreid who took a liking to her. Nikkitta tried to dissuade him from messing up her perfect little cover but this only seemed to make him more persistant. He managed to get Nan infatuated enough she also couldn't be dissauded from getting involved romantically with him. Seigfreid spirited Nannette away and married her as soon as he could manage. Despite Siegfried’s mistrust of Nikki Nan refused to see the worst of Nikkita still.

Nikkita convinced the leader of the Sfant Umbra to give her the spell and then targeted him as a victim. As her potions took effect however she was spotted by Sair Gamorian who stopped her but did not manage to capture her. Angry of being denied her chosen prey she instead decided to get rid of Nannette once and for all. She was also denied this however when Seigfreid returned home before Nikkita could kill her.

Seigfreid and the Sfant Umbra both have lifted the veil on her true nature to the authorities driving her further underground but they have been unable to stop her. She is confident she can attain what she believes to be her destiny, becoming a powerful Witch like Maryse.
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Nikkita D'Noir- Twisted Black Mage
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