Sfant Umbra began as a secret mercenary business within the depths of the Aht Urhgan Empire. With the rise and fall of business it slowly faded from memory. That is, until a descendant of the creator happened across some old parchments one day...
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 Linkshell: General Rules and Guidelines

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PostSubject: Linkshell: General Rules and Guidelines   Sun May 24, 2009 6:13 am

(Last modified as of 7/19/2009)

Here's the scoop, as fun as it is to roleplay and interact with other people around the globe there are also times where rules and guidelines must be enforced. These are rules we expect from every member, Council included.

Character Naming

When choosing your character's name it should best fit within the boundaries of Vana'diel. This isn't to say your game character's name (What we refer to screen name) can't be strange and bizarre as long as your real name (Name your character goes by IC and for RP, otherwise known as your character name) fits the criteria. As an example of this a person we once Rped with had a screen name of Darksamurai but his character's name was Ryu John.

* Character name must be real, not a bunch of gibberish. If exotic a pronunciation of your name should be provided.
* Character names must not contain reference to anime, video games, movies, or tv shows. That being said trying to pass yourself off as Cloud Strife isn't gonna work.
* A character name must not be a nickname. If you name your character Big Baby Galka that's not your character's real name but a nickname. Nicknames are allowed but a real name must also be provided. The rule doesn't apply to Galka however since their traditions involve their real names being modeled in an indian way. (Fiesty Chocobo, Trampled Earth, Whispering Kiwi, etc.)
* The character's name must be a full name (ie first and last) and follow racial naming conventions as much as possible. If this isn't the case there must be a plausible explanation. (ie maybe your taru was raised with Galkas and their family unknown so they were given a Galka name.)
* Any aliases or nicknames are separate from the character name and have explanations attached to them. (ie Ryu John had the nickname "Dark Samurai" because he was formerly a violent and brutal mecenary).

If a name seems questionable a council member reserves the right to request you change it before a pearl is given. Failure to do so may prevent you from receiving a pearl and interview. Names may be accepted on a case-by-case basis providing you can explain as to why a parent or guardian would name your character such an odd name. Sorry, but because they were drunk, thought it funny, or reasoning as to just because do not count. Being creative may have a greater chance of getting your odd name accepted.

The same applies to nicknames, questionable nicknames will be subject to change by a council member unless a you can supply reasoning behind it. Why did your character accept being called by that nickname? Again unless in the case of a Galka, nicknames are not substitutes for real names when submitting a letter.


It needn't be said that within the realm of Vana'diel, all characters start as a child of Alanta brought into the world. So to fit within FFXI's theme, all characters must originate as citizens of Vana'diel. Your character has to be a mortal with mortal parents. We only allow established races and nothing of supernatural origin. No angels/demons, aliens, or 1,000 year old Hume Alchemists that look 20 because they discovered a life-extending potion. Every character must have had a childhood and matured to the age they are. Time-travel has been established through the maws and can reasonably be used to explain some aging but must be cleared by the Council. We are not looking for "Uber L33t" characters with super abilities. Therefore Zilart and Kuluu characters are not allowed.


Characters do not have powerful skills and abilities that can enslave the world or destroy a nation and those won't be allowed here. If it's not an ability, spell, or skill that is normally accessible to you, odds are it won't be allowed. There may be exceptions made on a case-by-case basis. Have an ability or skill you think would be cool? Pitch it to the Council! We'll consider it as long as it follows these guidelines:

* Said skill/ability cannot be deemed a threat to Vana'diel or any nation.
* Said skill/ability must fit within the realms of what's possible in FFXI.
* Said skill/ability cannot be from a game/tv show/movie.
* Said skill/ability must be available to all LS members should they choose.

The same would go with spells. A spell to say, cure the common cold would be acceptable but a spell to level an entire country would not. Abilities to raise the dead (Necromancy.) or revive a character (Revive) are NPC only skills and are not permitted.


Player A and Player B are fighting. Player A swings a sword and Player B and Player B dodges. Suddenly Player B counters and comes in and stabs Player A in the stomach with a dagger and kills them! Player A is now mad. Why? Because Player B just committed an act called god-modding. God-modding is an act of doing something that forces another player into a position he/she may not be comfortable with. This can include holding a character against a player's will, dodging every attack regardless of skill, or even dismemberment or death of another's player. God-modding is frowned upon in all forms of roleplay. Doing so can invoke the wrath of the Council upon you so let's try to avoid this shall we?

Those caught god-modding may face suspension if the act continues.


The lesser evil, a meta-gaming example would be your character knowing something IC that clearly could not be known outside of a story or journal entry. If Bob calls Sue a smelly wench in his journal entry then Sue should have no idea of this unless Bob tells someone. This can lead to arguments and ultimately, a visit from your neighborhood Council members.

Personas and You

As roleplayers we often will become incredibly attached to our IG personas. For some it's like an extension of themselves. Yet one must remember that if our character is insulted by another that it doesn't mean we need to go out and bash their skulls in. So if two characters have a clash of personalities and a character IG insults your character or has a vendetta against them, turn the other cheek and take it with a grain of salt. It's roleplay and not every character is likely to get along with yours.


Okay, no jokes here... Harassment is a serious offense and anyone caught hassassing another be it racism, slandering, stalking, or even sexual harassment will face suspension or worse. We're all human beings here and each is deserved to be treated with respect. SE does not tolerate this kind of behaviour and we won't either, capiche?

Abuse Report Forum
When reporting abuse from another member please use the following layout:

Your Name:
Offender's Name:
Time of Incident:
Details of Incident:

Recommended Action:


File the report in a PM privately to a moderator or recruiter. A moderator/recruiter will forward it to the Council depending on the severity of the incident should intervention be required. All members are asked to refrain from bringing an incident into the public. Any found fighting over the forums or in linkshell chat about an incident will be dealt with harshly. It is forbidden for a moderator/recruiter or any Council members to discuss actions taken with LS members. All decisions are to be kept private between those involved.

Pearl Sack Abuse

While we pray it never happens there may come a time that a recruiter abuses their power. Any recruiters found abusing their privilages will be stripped of their linkpearl sack and suspended. The same goes for Council members found abusing their powers. In a case like this, the offended will be stripped of their sack, suspended, and promptly removed from the Council. All remaining Council members will vote on a punishment. Should the remaining Council fail to come to a consensus then the decision will be left up to the LS members via a private and anonymous voting system. Voting is not required but encouraged for fairness.


No recruiters are allowed to break a pearl and those found doing so will be dealt with severely. Pearls are to be only broken as a last resort by a Council member and only after the Council has come to a consensus as a whole. All recruiters are required to submit reason for punishment and offense to Council immediately. Punishment will be dealt with in the following manners:

Minor Offense
- This includes excessive swearing, fighting, metagaming, and breaking a guideline. Under most circumstances this will result from warning given by a recruiter or Council member to a temporary suspension (1 to 3 days) from pearl and forum activities. Suspension will only occurr if the offender has been warned multiple times or if it borderlines a moderate offense.

Moderate Offense
- This includes continued metagaming, god-modding, minor harassment (cussing or insulting), and unruly conduct. Often this may be a temporary suspension (5 to 7 days) from all pearl and forum activities. Both recruiters or Council members can issue this.

Major Offense
- Excessive god-modding, moderate to heavy harassment (slandering, cussing, racism, sexual harassment), abuse in power, unruly conduct deemed harmful to others. Punishment can range from temporary suspension (14 to 30 days) from all pearl and forum activities to permanent ban and revokation of pearl rights indefinitely. In the case of a recruiter a 2 week suspension can be set in place but anything higher requires authorization from a Council member. A member can only be banned and pearl broken if the entire Council comes to a consensus on the subject.

After a member returns from suspension a brief probation period is required. Minor offense is 1 week, moderate is 2 weeks, and major is 3 to 6 months depending on the offense. Members have the right at any time to appeal a decision passed by a recruiter or the Council provided with enough evidence to state their case. In the event that the conflict was between a LS member and Council member, a temporary third party may be brought into the Council to replace the Council member in question at the Council's sole discretion to provide a fair and just decision. Third party individual must be a fellow LS member not involved with the incident.

New Member Probation

While this isn't something we relish doing, it has to be done to ensure people are serious about joining us. Upon joining Sfant Umbra and receiving a pearl new members will be under a 2-week probation period. During this time we will observe members to ensure rules and guidelines are being followed. Should a new member break these, the Council reserves the right in full to revoke pearl and forum privileges, banning the member. This applies to harassment, disruptive behavior, and violations resulting in suspension. Warnings will apply to minor offenses such as meta-gaming and mildly offensive language. Members who are banned under the 2-week probation period will be denied a pearl permanently, rendering them ineligible for the "Second Chance" right.

A Second Chance

DISCLAIMER: A LS member who left of their own free will without any major offenses will be allowed to return and is exempt from the following.

After a period of time (To be determined by the Council.) and depending on the severity of the offense, a former LS member may reapply to the linkshell. At the Council's approval, the member will be allowed a second chance to rejoin the linkshell providing they can prove they belong. All second chance members will be places on a one-year probation. For the duration of six months any minor offense may lead to a 2-week suspension and any moderate offense may lead to permanent banning. This will be made a the sole discretion of the Council. After six months the probation will be lessened however any moderate offense will lead to a 30 day suspension. After a year has passed the probation period will be removed and said member will be free from any charges. However due to the nature of this, any members given a second chance are permanently forbidden from seeking a spot as a recruiter or on the Council.

In the case of a Council member returning to the LS, they will not be permitted to rejoin the Council under any circumstances.
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Linkshell: General Rules and Guidelines
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