Sfant Umbra began as a secret mercenary business within the depths of the Aht Urhgan Empire. With the rise and fall of business it slowly faded from memory. That is, until a descendant of the creator happened across some old parchments one day...
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 The Witch and the Demon II

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PostSubject: The Witch and the Demon II   Wed Sep 09, 2009 12:35 am

“Come on you old dog… move your feet, move your damn feet!” An eastern Hume spoke as he rushed forward, running across a bridge beneath darkened skies. Thunder shook the heavens while thunderous marching of Orcs descended upon Vunkerl Inlet, the Hume was rushing forward as he prepared to fight in the day’s battle, through the Maws this world still waging the Crystal War. Here on this day, Tetsuo Shingen had found himself right in the middle of conflict. “Feet don’t fail me now!” Tetsuo spoke as he pushed himself to the surrounding knights, mercenaries, and adventurers alike. He took a large breath as he let his feet rest and his body to relax before the fighting actually began. He had spent the last three days racing to a fortification to defend it against Orc, Qudav, Yagudo, Kindred, Gigas, Gnoles, Gnats, Gargouilles, or any other monstrosities that were thrown at the Allied Forces. Tetsuo had already fought within the Crystal War; as a matter of fact… he had fought for both sides. In the early days of the war, he was a hot headed, loudmouth foreigner seeking glory in battle and to be a hero. He sailed from across the Gugru Blue, seeking new adventure and new foes to face. Tetsuo rested for a moment but his mind wandered deeply into the past, he ran away from home at an early age and joined a small mercenary group within the walls of Aht Urhgan. He no longer remembered the name but it was where he found his calling, the group was filled wit oddities. A Qiqirn that was highly skilled with a bow, a Yagudo swordsman from the Far East, an Elvaan solider from Tavnazian, and the only other one he could remember was the silent Galka that had no fear of death. These were his mentors; each one trained him in his path of being a sell sword. The Yagudo further Tetsuo’s training with a Great Katana, while the Qiqirn taught him how to fire an arrow. The Elvaan gave lessons on how to probably use a Polearm, while the Galka would teach him Ninjutsu. Each one would forever engraved in his memory, for they had made him who he was today, fearless swordsman that searched for true battle to test his skills and see if he can become stronger. Power is what he sought, and still sought to find till this very.

Tetsuo shook the thoughts of the past from his mind, those people were long gone, dead and buried. Some where defeated by Beastmen forces, others bested by Aht Urhgan’s finest. One even fell beneath his very own blade, the very same whom taught him how to swing it. The manbird was a self exile from his people in the Far East but was branded a spy, Tetsuo who believed this did what had to be done and executed the supposed traitor, soon later he found out it was merely propaganda. His master was not angered, he was pleased that his student was able to best him and died with honor. Honor. It was a word that lingered in his mouth; he mouthed it as he stared ahead as he saw the figures of Orcs making their way across the bridge. Now in his late forties, Tetsuo Shingen was a masterless Samurai, a Ronin. It was the way he liked it, no one would be his master not ever again. He would not bow nor kneel for others, he was his own master, or at least in this realm. To him, the only one worthy enough for him to kneel before was Odin, the Dark Rider of the Near East. He was a warrior of Bushido, but the code of honor that had once burned red hot within him had burned out once he defeated by Shadowhorn in a skirmish on the glacier. Like a fool, he charged towards the elite Kindred and was easily defeated but was dragged back to the Shadow Lord’s castle where he would break and fall.

Now he was a different man than his younger counterpart, whom was a loudmouth, wise cracking wannabe hero… always sacrificing himself for the greater good. To Tetsuo, Vana’diel was no longer worth saving, nor was the people within it. Instead he wanted to bleed the world dry and give in to the hatred and rage that lingered within him. He was once a hero… but now was different. He remembered the Elvaan, he too was once a honorable and heroic warrior but he grew more cynical with each passing day. He remembered the Elvaan told him, “Those who hate most fervently must have once loved deeply; those who want to deny the world must have once embraced what they now set on fire.” Those words stuck with Tetsuo ever since.

The battle had began as a bolt of lightening kissed the ground and left an impact, the shouts and cries were deafened by the crack of the thunderbolt. The eastern Hume charged forward with his blade drawn, it was killing time. No time to think, only to react. Battle was the only time he truly felt alive, the rush of adrenaline ran throughout his body awakening his sense and kick starting his heart. He was a warmonger, war was all he knew. He had been fighting other people’s battles for nearly thirty plus years, this was his life… it would be his grave. Life had become like a dream to him, always fading in and out of the haze. On the battlefield, all of his sense kicked back on, he had to survive, it was his natural instincts kicking in. He fought to test his strengths, to find weakness and to improve upon it; but further more, he fought to find a grave for that was what all true warriors did… to die with honor on the battlefield.

As Tetsuo made his way to his target he was quickly joined by a swarm of fellow combatants. His blade easily cut through the Orc’s leathery armor and perhaps into the bone but he didn’t care, he just followed through on his impulses. Swing, parry, duck, hack, slash, brace for impact, repeat, this was what was on his mind. Surviving the onslaught of the brutish Orcs, their warmonger mentality was similar to Tetsuo. In that light he respected them because they were a warrior culture, fighting to conquer and to test their merits. In comparison that was all they shared in common, they were mostly simpletons and nothing more than animals. Yagudo where his deepest respected lay when it came to Beastmen, but perhaps it was due to his mentor and simple bias.

The battle grew more intense while the sky began to clear; it was contradiction, the heavens above shined with clarity and peace while the earth lingered on with chaos and bloodshed. This was Tetsuo’s job, his craft. He was a freelancer, a dog of war, a sell sword, a mercenary. More and more Orcs fell then did the Allied Forces but as it soon appeared to have been over, the Orcs bring in the big guns. An Orcish Turret arrived and fired away, the shock wave of the blast hurled Tetsuo into the air. He flew backwards but as his eye met the heaven, that moment felt like an eternity, frozen in a moment of wise reflection.

“So you are the heroes that are going to fight on Tavnazia's behalf?” A young hopeful Knight spoke.
‘There ain’t no heroes here. No, no more. Just professional killers… that’s all we are. Have sword, will travel.” A one eyed Hume spoke as he watched the marching force ready themselves for Beastmen forces to arrive. “But… you’re correct kid. We’re fightin’ for Tavnazia.”

Tetsuo’s body crashed into the Fortification, as he slowly rose to his feet. His mind traveled to his Crystal War, near the ending days of the battle. He had signed up with the Iron Rams because he enjoyed the arrogant Elvaan more so than other nations. “There ain’t no heroes here. No, no more.” There isn’t much difference between a hero and a fool; heroes tend to be fools who are victorious. Tetsuo believed that no one in the war were true heroes, merely soldiers doing their job, fighting to live to see another day.

Tetsuo shook the thoughts from his head as he charged towards the Orcish Turret, moving behind it as it fired again. He continued to hack and slash, suddenly and without warning the Orcs retreated. Victory had been achieved, but Tetsuo felt empty again.

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PostSubject: Re: The Witch and the Demon II   Wed Sep 09, 2009 12:35 am

He left Vunkerl and the Maws, he returned to his own time. At his side were a jug and a Great Katana, the weapon he got during a job within Nyzul Isle. An Immortal, named Zalsuhm, claimed that it concealed immense power. This had interested him because if it was true then it would surely enhance his fighting by tenfold or even a hundredfold. He was told that he would need to hone his skill and allow the blade to magically evolve mostly with the blood of his enemies. The thought of increasing his own power interested him, so he decided to play along. He was now in Jeuno, walking the streets of Lower Jeuno… unbeknownst to him; eyes were watching him and following his every movement.

He entered the Goblin shop and entered the back room where the Hume Immortal stood facing the corner always mumbling to himself alone. Tetsuo spoke with him and hoped he had feed the blade enough to unlock the power; however, the Immortal turned to him and resounded: "Aaah, yes... I can feel a marked increase in energy compared to when I first held it. Keep up the good w-w-work, hee hee hee..." Tetsuo hated jumping through hoops… which was always the case when dealing with their kind.

He turned away and spoke underneath his breath, “blasted Immortals…. Keep up the good work he says… always with jumping through hoops…” He walked out the back door and noticed a female Hume taking something from a Goblin, Tetsuo paused as he was now standing close to her, he knew who she was but he just finished his sentence with a sigh, “still not good enough…”

“Hello Tetsuo…” The female Hume spoke as she turned to him. He took a moment and looked her up and downed, she wore blade traders gear but with a Coven Hat and the top was custom made, far more revealing. He couldn’t happen but to stare at her stomach, he slowly gazed up as if following an imaginary line from her bellybutton toward her chest. Her breasts were partially covered but enough was revealed to make a man notice and finish imagining what the rest covered. Part of him at that very moment wanted to take her and ravish her right then and there. It was the animalistic side of him; she knew this because it was how she would draw her victims. Seduce them and pray on them. She knew she was attractive; it was merely just another tool in her bags of tricks.

“Good. We both arrived nearly at the same time. Heh.” He had written to her trying to set up a meeting with her. It was apart of the deal they made, he would help her become more powerful and in return she would stay away from those who were under the same banner that Tetsuo was currently under. He stared into her eyes as she had sling the bag over her shoulder. He knew what lurked behind that pretty shell, a dark and twisted creature. Tetsuo had viewed her as Kindred, a true Demon in the body of a sweet looking Hume girl. She was more sinister and cruel than Tetsuo. Tetsuo’s only true wickedness came out of self-preservation, that and his hatred and anger that lurks deep in his core. He was a warmonger; he was always looking for a fight or chaos to create.

“I wanted to be sure you entered first.”

“Ah… but of course you would. I had some dealings with an Immortal. I too… am seeking power.” Tetsuo smirked at the Witch named Nikkita, a power hungry beast that hide behind beauty. She fires back with a cold smile.

“Is that what you wanted to tell me pet?”

“Oh no… no. That’s not at all.” He paused for a moment, mostly because of disgust at the thought of being called a pet. He was no one’s lackey, he called the shots no one else. He grabbed the jug from his side and offered a sip to her. “Care for a drink? Before we go over what I’ve discovered?”

“If you drink first…” Her cold words, empty of any feeling. Tetsuo had betrayed her once before, she was no fool. She didn’t trust him; he respected that aspect of her. She was smart, cunning, deadly, and well… attractive.

“Really now? If I was going to turn on you… you know it wouldn’t be with poison.” He knew she wouldn’t go for it, he knew that she was waiting for him to turn on her but he had to play along, even for just a bit longer.

“I don’t trust you pet… so humor me…” She picked up her dagger and began to clean the blade on the corner of her top. Again… she called him pet, he quickly tried to keep his composer.

“Fine.” With a large sigh he took a large gulp from the jug. “Nothing wrong with it.” He lied as he wiped the corners of his mouth with his sleeve. “You should be more trusting of your minions…” He hated that sentence. He was not her minion and no one should trust a mercenary.

“Alright then,” she put her dagger to her waist. “Tetsuo once betrayed, I rarely forget.” He handed her the jug.

“I know… I know.”

“You’re a wild card, an untamed beast I have to watch so I don’t get bitten.” Her smile, it was obviously fake but was seductive, shooting him a smile a lover or a tease would.

“But of course… but anyways… to the topic at hand.”

“You don’t trust me I’d imagine.” She drank from the jug, seductively. As she finished her sip she licked her lips ever so slowly, continuing to torment his visual senses.

“You want power right? Well there are only two sources or at least theories… I’m working on.” He cut to the chase to try and put aside her temptress nature. She handed him the jug back waiting for him to continue. He took the jug back and returned it to his side. “So… you want to hear theory one or two?”

“Both…” She moved towards the wall and leaned back to rest against it, as she leaned back her shirt rose a bit higher.

“All right. Bearclaw Pinnacle…” The moment had arrived; he was already feeling the effects from the venom potions that he dumped into the empty jug earlier that day. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a small vial. Without missing a beat he continued on with what he had to say. “Anyways… dark magicite.” He downed the antidote. This was his ace up the sleeve.

“You know… antidotes don’t taste too grand.” Tetsuo smirked devilishly towards Nikkita, the moment of his vengeance had arrived and he was going to take it all in. “Oh… you are right… you shouldn’t trust me. I dumped three vials of venom potion in that jug, I knew you would make me drink first so… I had to bite the bullet.”

“What games are you playing Tetsuo?” She smirked as the venom potion started to take effect.

“Revenge. You actually thought… that I would be your pet? I bow before no one… I kneel before no mortal.” His moment had come but a thought lingered in the back of his mind, fate never allowed things to be this easy for Tetsuo nor do they ever go the way he planned it.

“Oh you didn’t get enough earlier did you?”

She reached into her bag but Tetsuo charged forward as he went to strangle her but with a blink of an eye she freed her dagger and placed it near his heart, she pushed it just hard enough that the sharp tip was pressed against his robe and skin.

“Heh. I know you got the guts to pierce my black heart… but the question is… will you?”

“You’re such a disappointment Tetsuo.” She took her free hand and drew out a vial of an antidote, her trump card.

“All of my planning gone to shreds… because I overlooked the obvious… I planned to set you free so I could get close enough to kill you myself… with my bare hands.” He spoke partially ashamed and partially annoyed with himself. “And here I am… beat by the luck of the card… really should have figured you’d have an ace up your sleeve like me.”

“Poor little Tetsuo. I could just kill you now.” She leaned forward and whispered in his ear, lingering just a bit too long. “But that isn’t fun.”

Tetsuo’s face grew red with anger as he threw his head back than forward, instantly she kicked forward. A sharp kick to the groin stopped Tetsuo in his tracks, he grunted in pain. A large smile overtook her face; she was pleased with her work.

“Pain. So I’m really not in a dream. Heh.” Tetsuo joined her twisted grin with one of his own.

“I could make it so much more painful… I don’t think you deserve it though…”

Tetsuo took a step back and drew his blade; he held the blade with one hand and held his groin with his free hand.

“Oh… I’m just getting started…” He could easily kill her at any moment but he wanted to play with her, she was a weakling in a true fight.

Suddenly a package of poison dust is flung into the air towards Tetsuo’s face, instincts took over as he anticipated it by ducking and turning his side, the dust landed in his hair and his collar. He held his breath for a moment till the particles in the air settled. As the dust clears he notices she begins to cast warp, suddenly his chance of revenge was fading. He darted forward with his blade in now both hands, as he brought his blade up... it merely had cut into thin air, she had vanished.

“Damnit… next time Witch… next time.” Tetsuo spoke as he returned his blade to his side. He had almost had her if only… suddenly he heard a voice over the Linkpearl.

“Deal’s off Tetsuo. Thank you for the information though.”

“I’ll bleed you dry the next time we meet! I’ll show you just how monstrous I can be! I’ll show you the true Demon of the East! Mark my words… your days are numbered!”

Laughter followed by a click, then nothing. Tetsuo was alone again. He failed in his plot of revenge. He didn’t care about the other people whom he put in danger or saved from danger. She made it personal by trying to kill him, so he made a plan to get close to her. He could have killed her when she was chained up but that would have been too easy. Now he had to compete with two other men to be the one to kill her. He kicked himself as he realized the flaw in his scheme.

He should have used a silence potion.

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PostSubject: Re: The Witch and the Demon II   Wed Sep 09, 2009 1:53 pm

(Nice write up DS, accept for a few typos, it was fun to see inside Tetsuo's head during that. Its fun to play a villian and escape death. Yay for good rolls. )
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The Witch and the Demon II
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