Sfant Umbra began as a secret mercenary business within the depths of the Aht Urhgan Empire. With the rise and fall of business it slowly faded from memory. That is, until a descendant of the creator happened across some old parchments one day...
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 Enter the Mithran Huntress Extraordinaire

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PostSubject: Enter the Mithran Huntress Extraordinaire   Mon Aug 17, 2009 5:55 am

S.G. Chronicles - Enter the Mithran Huntress Extraordinaire

[Disclaimer: This story has a moment including a suggestive situation. While it's certainly nothing 18+ or R rated it may be borderline above PG-13. You've been warned.]

The door of a quiet Mog House crept open, a weary and tired man entered with heavy steps. Tossing back the hood of his vermillion cloak he rubbed his temples in thought. Sair had just returned from meeting Crystarella, a Hume woman. The two had just finished talking after he unintentionally insinuated she was unwelcomed. It was an effort of apology he purchased her a drink spoke with her. After it was all said and done the two seemed to be on even terms now, or at least he hoped.

Glancing up he scanned his Mog House, strangely Kukuru wasn't around. Perhaps the moogle had gone out either to give Sair's wyvern, Soryu, some fresh air or even shopping. With a tired sigh he sat his staff against the wall, flopping down upon the bed near the door heavily.

"Mrrrew I thought you'd neverrr get back..."

Immediately Sair sprang up, alert at the sudden voice that broke the silence. Snatching up his staff he stood poised for the hidden intruder. "Whoever you are, show yourself. Now." He commanded.

From the far corner of the room a Mithran woman emerged, firey red hair and shimmering emerald green eyes. Setting his eyes upon her had it been possible, his jaw would be at the floor. Leaning against the folding partition in a seductive manner the woman wore a simple transparent red slip leaving little to the imagination. In fact, so transparent one could see her- Blushing a deep mithran tomato red Sair averted his gaze away from her.

"Y-You... W-what in Altana's name do you think you're doing here?!" He finally managed to blurt aloud. "A-And why are you wearing something s-so..."
"So what...?" The woman asked in a playful manner, trying to make herself even more attractive.
"Y-You know..."
"What...? Mrrrew, would you prrreferrr if I took it o-"
"No!" He interrupted. Goddess why was she here, and dressed like that? "Mihana you know damned well what I mean! Why are you here and in my housed dressed like that?!"
Sweetly she smiled at him, walking slowly towards him. "Mrrrew what's wrrrong Sairrr, arrre you saying you don't like what you see?"
"D-Damnit... Get out. Now."
"You know you want it..."
"Mihana I said stop!"

In a sudden swift movement he found himself now pinned against the door, her body pressed tightly against his. Looking up at him she grinned with a mischevious smile. "Mrrrew Sairrr, as kids you know how I am... When I see something I want, I take it."

This was too much, he had to escape, now. Closing his eyes he began muttering a spell quietly. Meanwhile Mihana playfully used her fingers to walk across his arm, up to his shoulder and to gently rest her hand on his cheek. Smiling with a sweet expression she leaned closer in.

"And what I want... Is... Y-"

Before she could finish the the final word of her sentence Sair completed his spell. Extending his hand to the skies a soft light surrounded him, teleporting him away.

As the effect faded he could make out the gentle hum of a telepoint crystal. Sair sighed a heavy sigh of relief, that was too close. Ever since the two had grown up Mihana was always the type to carelessly flirt and go after what she desired. As teens they formed a romance that even after all these years she still has every intent on keeping. It had been awhile but why did she appear again after all this time? A sudden scream tore him from his thoughts. Eyes flashed open to see Mihana was with him. In his effort to escape she was too close and accidentally found herself teleported away with him. Now she faced the prying eyes of all those there in nothing but a revealing garment. Ears flat against her skull she tried miserably to cover herself eyes shut and face flushed.

Wrapping his arms about her Sair rushed her off the platform and off behind some outcropping rocks. Together the knelt down, Sair studying her face. Mihana was a terrible sight, tears streaming down her face trying to hold in the heavy sobbing from the sheer humiliation. He looked at her helplessly. On one hand she was the cause of this but on the other she faced utter humiliation of having others see what they shouldn't. Removing his cloak he draped it about her helping her up. Silently they made their way back to Windurst arriving hours later back at his home. Setting her down gently upon the bed he knelt down besides her.

"Mihana..." Sair spoke softly, "I'm sorry that happened... But it was your own fault..."
"M-Mrrrew it was not! You'rrre the one who drrragged me out therrre!"
"But you're the one who tried to seduce me! Don't blame me for you own foolish actions!"

Giving him an angry glare she looked away defeated. He wanted to lecture her more but in her pitiful state... He just didn't have the heart. "Why don't you get changed... Surely you didn't sneak in here wearing just that..." Standing up he turned and exited his home. Moments later she at last emerged finally dressed in something more suitable. Returning back inside he sat down on the bed with her next to him.

"Knowing you I can understand why you did it... But don't you think it's time you stop things like this?"
"Please understand I don't hate you... We're friends. But things have changed between us. You have to understand you can't have everything your way, you need to grow up."
Staring at him she frowned.
"Bite me."
"I said bite me. You'rrre obviously not worrrth my time anymorrre."

Sair frowned back. This was the typical Mihana for you... When she couldn't get her way she acted like a spoiled child. Shame too, she had such talent and was smart.
"Hey now... If I'm not then why go to such lengths?"
"Mrrrew I felt sorrry forrr you is all."

The man opened his mouth, thought for a second, then closed it. When she was like this there was no point in arguing. Best to let her brood. Quietly he stood up and headed to a nearby table sifting through some paperwork. For the longest time neither said a word.

"... So what'cha worrrking on?"
"Nothing... Mihana, why are you even still here?"
" 'cause."
"Because what?"
"Mrrrew just 'cause..."
"... ... ..."
"So what'cha doing?"
Sair sighed lightly. This would go on forever. She was a grown woman but acted so childish sometimes.
"I'm working on stuff for my group."
"Yea, Sfant Umbra..."
"What's that?"
"A mercenary group I'm part of."
"Merrrcenarrry worrrk huh... Okay I'll join!"

Immediately Sair dropped his paperwork in shock.
"W-Wait, what?!"
"You hearrrd me! Mrrrew I'm joining. I could use some extrrra gil. I'm a Mithrrran Hunterrr extrrraorrrdinairrre afterrr all!"
"Hold on, I don't think so Mihana."
"But why not?"
"Because what?"
"But because what?"
"Because you..." Sair paused, what the hell was he doing? Turning to her he sighed. "Look... join if you want then... But let's make one thing clear... I am an advisor in this business. You do anything to screw up and I'll ensure you're banned."
Mihana huffed. "Bah, you'rrre no fun! What happened to the Sairrr I used to know."
"... He grew up... wish I could say the same for you..."
"Mrrrew what was that?"
"Nothing Mihana... simply nothing..."

[Additional note: While Mihana's intelligence seemed to be that of a child in this story, she's much smarter. Her acts were to tease and annoy Sair since she couldn't get what she wanted, him. Mithra are flirty after all and this cat's no exception.]
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Enter the Mithran Huntress Extraordinaire
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