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 The Watchmen

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Sfant Umbran Movie Reviewer
Sfant Umbran Movie Reviewer

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PostSubject: The Watchmen   Tue Jul 28, 2009 4:11 pm

I know Watchmen is one of those movies that a lot of you who wanted to see it all ready have, but this is for those of us who have not yet and are wondering if they should.

The Watchmen

Watchmen is a limited series comic created by famed Alan Moore in 1986. The comic was received so well for its style and story, it has become a comic phenomenon. It was only a matter of time for a movie to be made; more like 13 years.

All that can be said for this movie is if you have not ever read the comic itself, wow. Just wow. Everything about this movie almost ranks up there with The Dark Knight.

First things first, the story (again, for those who have not read or heard of Watchmen). The characters in this movie (and comic) are strictly unique to their own series, despite Night Owl being a play on Batman. You have Rorschach, Dr. Manhattan, Silk Spectre, Night Owl, Ozymandias, and The Comedian. The Comedian is killed within three minutes of the movie, and the rest of the characters scramble to find out why, but figure out something far worse.

The story of this film/comic is like looking into the very foundation of being a superhero; seeing the sacrifices they make, the consequences it has on themselves and others, and how they each try to draw a line and stay on one side of it, but in a far more realistic way than any superhero such as Spider man, Hulk, and even Batman could do. I would cite examples, but this is one movie not worth spoiling a minute of.

Of the characters themselves: Rorschach is purely bad ass and not someone you want to be the arch enemy of. Imagine if Batman and Punisher had a love child, you get Rorschach, hands down.

Dr. Manhattan is a scientist turned living god who after having this pure connection with the cosmos, sees human life as a trivial thing and begins losing touch with it. He can explode a person with just a thought, and is extremely nonchalant about it. Its not that he's evil, he just purely does not care.

Silk Spectre is the most basic of heroin. She may have had more of a personality in the comic, but the film she was really just there for the plot.

The Comedian is a more interesting case. He is almost like a parody of society. He sees women as a piece of meat to use, enjoys killing be it the innocent or guilty, and takes everything as a joke.

Ozymandias is psychic in some way. He is capable of dodging and even catching bullets shot at him, even at point blank range.

Night Owl works like Batman does, a normal guy who uses gadgets, but without the tragedy of the dead parents and what not. He's more Superman like as he's a lot nicer than Batman is.

The overall style of the movie is flawless. It doesn't try to go for a dark tone, or an overly bright tone, it truly sticks to the real world, and it works. The special effects are especially worth mentioning. They are so in tuned with the background action, it is as if the film makers really had the Night Owl plane there.

I strongly, strongly recommend seeing Watchmen, whether or not you've read the comic. The movie may be almost 2 and a half hours, but every minute of it is great.
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The Watchmen
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