Sfant Umbra began as a secret mercenary business within the depths of the Aht Urhgan Empire. With the rise and fall of business it slowly faded from memory. That is, until a descendant of the creator happened across some old parchments one day...
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 Nesirae's Poems: AKA Glimpse into a Madman's mind.

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Calator Fantomatic
Calator Fantomatic

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PostSubject: Nesirae's Poems: AKA Glimpse into a Madman's mind.   Sun Jul 12, 2009 10:47 pm

My poems, such as they are. Some may be darker then one is used to, but please don't call me emo or anything. I've worked very hard on the courage to post these. Comments are always welcome.

-Love's Plea-
Open thine eyes, Child of nature
Be one with yourself and all around
Hear my voice and crawl on all fours
Till the time comes to walk and then to run
Death is outside, Death is inside
Angels will bless your soul
Daemons will corrupt it
Life is too short to love
Death is swift and painless
Life is slow and painful
The battle has yet to be won
The battle for the human soul
Between the Angels and the Daemons
One must choose, the side of Good or the side of Evil
Learn to live and to love

-Vampire's Proposal-
Darkness consumes my soul,
whilst yours basks in the Light.
If we intertwine Light and Shadow,
Our souls will become one
We shall not separate,
For Shadow needs the Light,
And Light needs the Darkness,
They need one another as we do,
To stay entwined

I still wear the ring that used to symbolize our love,
A band of silver on a hand of bone with a fleshy glove.
The ring reminds me of a time long past,
A time not meant to be.
How I wish to turn back the hands of time,
To a time you loved me.
But now I see that time is not to come.
My heart is dead and cold.
Only things keeping me alive are false hopes, dreams.
I'm falling to a place cold and black.
I still love you although you do not return the feeling.
I still wear the ring.
A silver band on a hand of bone.

You see me as I am. But what am I?
Am I not a man?
Who bleeds, cries and dies like other men?
Or am I a wolf?
Proud, Deadly, Mysterious as the shadow itself.
I ask you. What do you see me as?
Man or Wolf in Man's skin.
I am neither Man, nor Wolf. I am a Shadow.
I am who I want to be, Master of my own Fate.
So I ask you again. What do you see me as?
Man, or Wolf?

When you were my life
You gave me something to live for,
But now your gone and you took my sanity
along with everything I loved.
I still Love thee, Negru Inger.
You cant stand me,
Or the sight of my face.
But you still haunt my dreams.
Beautiful Queen...
This is where I say "Goodbye"
This is where my story ends.
If there's one thing I learned from life.
It's that it gets you in the end.
Everywhere I go I see your face.
Every sound I hear is the sound of your voice.
I try hating you but it only makes it worse.
I always end up hating myself.
Goodbye, my friend.

-Angel of the Night-
I love thee, with all my now beating heart.
My heart and soul laid dead and black, cold and dark,
Until you came into my Life.
You taught my heart love
and shown my sorrow filled soul compassion.
It is to you I owe my life, my Angel.
and it is to you I give my Love, my Heart and my Soul.
My Angel, your beauty is unmatched by the heavens
The Night wraps soft velvety darkness around me,
It feels like your arms, reaching for me.
The moon shines with the radiance of your smile.
My Love, My Life, My Angel of the Night.

-Fate's Whisperings-
Fate Whispers words of deceit
As I lay under Winter's Ghostly footprints
As I walk, Immune to Earth's Frozen pain
Fate Whispers words of pain
As I lay above Summer's heating breath
As I walk, Subject to Earth's Fiery passion
Fate Whispers words of passion
As I lay next to Autumn's falling fingertips
As I walk with Earth's Chilling malice
Fate Whispers words of malice
As I lay with Spring's watchful eyes
As I walk near Earth's Warm deceit
Fate Whispers...

-Red as Blood-
Behind the mirrors that are my eyes
Lies my world
Darkened storm clouds occupy the sky.
While Rain, Red as Blood, falls
The Violet roses' beauty fills the air.
My world hides the truth that lay beyond
Beyond my Dark clouds and my sanctuary.
The Dragons of Shadow and Blood rule there,
While Rain, Red as Blood, falls.

-Rose in the Rain-
Darkened words race through my thoughts
While my Heart is withering to dust.
I'm crushing my heart, my soul
All for you, the Love of my life long past.
I cannot sleep I cannot Think
I cannot find reflections in these days.
There are no flowers, All burned and black
There will be no Angels, Gracing my life
Six feet deep is the incision
in my heart, that bar less Prison
Cold was my soul
Untold was the pain
I faced when you left me
A Rose in the Rain

Why must I live this lonely life?
Dark God, Help me in life, I need your Guidance.
Guidance in life, Guidance in pain.
Guidance in knowledge, Guidance in Death.
Pain and suffering have become my closest friends.
My heart is dead and cracked,
never to open and breathe.
Pain, My friend, Why must you torture me so?
Suffering, My friend, Why must you torture me so?

-My Love-
My love for you is stronger than the winds of Olympus,
The mountain of the Gods.
My love for you is stronger than the defenses of Valhalla,
The hall of slain heroes.
My love for you burns with more force than the fires of The 9th layer,
of Hell.
My love for you is indescribable...
I truly Love you with all my beating heart..
And my love for you will always burn bright..

Tears of blood fall from my eyes
You say I don't see your own.
You don't see mine thus assume
I have none.
I regret. I pain. I have remorse.
I have hurt you. I have torn you.
My life is nothing. I have pained you.
The one I loved, The one who loved me.
I wish to turn back the hands of time.
I wish to repent. Dear gods shall I repent?
Tears of silver fall from my eyes.

She looks to the skies,
walking over winter's land,
Hope shining in her lovely eyes.
Walking with black ribbon in hand.
Her love, time denies,
He travels the waste land.
For her he walks the earth,
Too hold her in his arm,
Before the hearth.
For he keeps her warm,
As they watch the birth.
They walk under the skies,
Across the snowy land.
Love in their eyes,
Walking hand in hand.
They, then realize,
their hope embodies the land.

I'm a Ghost in the snow.
Never finding warmth
I have no life,
I have no soul.
I'm damaged, and broken.
Nothing can fix me.
But I need you to try.
Help this Ghost.
Melt the snow.

-Beautiful Dragon-
Beautiful Dragon,
You've given this Shadow everything.
You've given this Shadow form.
The Shade lives for you
And will die for you.
You are his life, his love.
He cherishes everything about you.
He will always adore you.
Beautiful Dragon.
You've given me everything.
You've given me form.

-Dark Heart-
I sit here,
Sanity locked away.
I'm afraid to be alone.
Yet alone I am.
You can see my anger
You can feel my pain.
You can see the torment
Driving me insane.
Dark Heart, end my suffering.
If you can forgive me
Then maybe I'll learn to forgive
Darling Heart...

Lost in a world of doubt and deception,
Shadows block the light, until you came.
You shine light that cuts through the darkness
like a knife through flesh.
Blood seeps from the shadows
Blood tainted by darkness.
My own liquid of life...
Heal my wounds, Take away my pain.
I shall do the same for you.
My rozeta frumos.
My inger frumos.
Te iubesc, Truly with all my heart

-But a Man-
I am but a man.
Not a beast, nor a dragon
Man, with flaws, fears
not claws, nor fangs
A pretender, with a facade
An ego which doesn't exist
Confidence, that's not shared.
I love, as any man.
I cry, as any man
Yet I am no one.
Nameless face in a sea of faces
Faceless name in a land of names
I am but a man.
Who doesn't exist.

-Spark of Light-
The daemons within my chest laugh
As they tear my soul, shred my heart
The daemons laugh as I am taken away from you
my love, my life, my happiness
I miss you, though we had just parted
All my life I've been blinded by shadows
until I got to hold you in my arms
A spark of Light...
You are my Sun, disperser of the night
I've waited my entire life to bask in your rays
All the world is waiting for the Sun
To lie here under you is all that I can do
The daemons wail as I think of you
Wail as they are denied my sorrow
You, my family, have always been
My spark of light, in the darkness

Grey waters, to match a Grey sky
Grey sky, to match a Grey day
Grey day to match a Grey mood
Mourning a time spent in mine paradise
The day, mood, sky, and waters seem to mourn with me
As if, I started to cry, so too would the clouds open
to release the rain, and flood the earth
Sorrow; choking, drowning, suffocating, and mine.
As I stare into the waters.
Grey waters, to match a Grey mood.

-Angel Wings-
No one knows who I am.
Not even I know who I wish to be.
Past lives, Dreams? Memories?
I smell trees, rain, the earth, blood, death..
The scent excites me, pulse racing.
I long for blood against my tongue.
I yearn for the scent of fear.
Pure, light, Your angel wings
Let me burn them to dust.
let me breathe deep your pain.
I taste your lust from here.
Intoxicating love.
No rhythm, no rhyme.

-Blood Red Snow-
My scars, crimson red and deep.
My eyes, cerulean blue and clear.
Despite my beauty I can not match
The beauty of blood red snow
My love for life is like that snow
A chilling fire, a burning cold.
I see a lake amongst the white trees
A lake that's waters are as red as my scars
Help me escape this beautiful, horrifying place.
Give warmth to the fires in my heart,
Before I become the Blood Red Snow.
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Omaria Emir (Comandant Rosu)
Omaria Emir (Comandant Rosu)

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PostSubject: Re: Nesirae's Poems: AKA Glimpse into a Madman's mind.   Mon Jul 13, 2009 2:46 pm


I've always liked your poems Nes.
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Calator Fantomatic
Calator Fantomatic

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PostSubject: Re: Nesirae's Poems: AKA Glimpse into a Madman's mind.   Sat Nov 28, 2009 6:17 pm

-Sanguine Haze-
Walking among the sanguine graves
Statues of Angels cry blood
Can't see beyond this Crimson Haze
Cathedral ruin, Stone rubble, Broken stained glass
Rusted black gate, can it... will it open?
Oaken doors, large, engraved with demons and angels, Off it's hinges
Stone benches, Stone altar, black cloth
A stairway? Going down, getting colder
Dark air, Suffocating chill, no walls
No ceiling. Void. A landing, another iron gate
Dead end? No... Eyes, of Garnet, of Amethyst
Staring at me, watching me. Blades of bone.
A roar. Then nothingness.

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Calator Fantomatic
Calator Fantomatic

Posts : 63
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Age : 30

PostSubject: Re: Nesirae's Poems: AKA Glimpse into a Madman's mind.   Sun Aug 29, 2010 4:29 pm

-Wings of Blood, Wings of Steel-

I stand proud and strong.
Loyal to my beliefs,
I strike at my enemies with
Unrelenting wrath and fury.
I am the vengeful hammer,
Defending my lord's land.
From without and from within.
None are spared my flashing blade
My steel gaze pierces even the most
Sturdy of souls.
Fear me, for I slay on wings of blood.
Love me, for I fly on wings of steel.
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Calator Fantomatic
Calator Fantomatic

Posts : 63
Join date : 2009-05-25
Age : 30

PostSubject: Re: Nesirae's Poems: AKA Glimpse into a Madman's mind.   Fri Sep 17, 2010 7:58 am

-Dead Inside-
There's nothing left of her,
She and the unborn son taken.
I held her hand
As she went unto the Fade.
I held her hand
As her body cooled.
I saw red,
Leaving me but a Shade.
I saw red,
As her blood pooled.
Vengeance is mine.
He has been sent to Hell.
I will be fine.
Before you ask, All will not be well.
Forever and Always, I am Dead.
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PostSubject: Re: Nesirae's Poems: AKA Glimpse into a Madman's mind.   

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Nesirae's Poems: AKA Glimpse into a Madman's mind.
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